25 January 2014

Happy Birthday, Mozart

Celebrating the 258th anniversary of the birth of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (27 January 1756 - 5 December 1791)

[tracks: 23, total time: 7:26:37]

Music License: Various licenses; see individual tracks Image: tweaked photo of painting of little Wolfie circa 1763 by Jean-Baptiste Greuze
Artist Location: Germany, France, Austria

01 August 2013

August 2013

Hello, dear readers! We have been good to you, posting at least one free album every day this year, but August calls us away to other destinations and time with family.

Since leaving New York, Oddio Overplay has been based in the Arizona desert at Rancho Oddio. Lemme tell ya, August is not the time to visit el rancho. Everything slows down as temperatures and humidity climb. Triple digit (F) weather for several months in a row starts catching up with you when August rolls around.

So, as the Tempos and the Happenings used to say, "See you in September!" Until then, how about catching up on the 10+ years of music we have promoted? Enjoy your August!

Cheers and Sunshine,
Katya Oddio

31 July 2013

The World's Best Symphony Orchestra

Founded in 1888, the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra (Koninklijk Concertgebouworkest) of the Netherlands is widely recognized as the greatest symphony orchestra in the world.

Together with Radio 4 Netherlands, the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra shares a concert series available for download. The series was released in 2009 to celebrate the 80th birthday of famed conductor Bernard Haitink.

The three brilliant symphonic works conducted by Bernard Haitink include:
The Bizet is spectacular, and the Beethoven and Schmann are top-notch, too. Each download is accompanied by cover art and information.

Music License: © All Rights Reserved

Artist Location: based at the Concertgebouw (Concert Hall) in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

30 July 2013

Pianist Helen Sung Live At The Blue Note

Performing right now with the Mingus Big Band and with the Ed Jackson Quartet and serving as piano faculty for the UMass-Amherst's Jazz in July Summer Music Program, jazz pianist Helen Sung is hot. Hear for yourself on her album Live At The Blue Note.

Personnel: Helen Sung, piano; Steve Wilson, alto/soprano saxophones; Dwayne Burno, bass; Donald Edwards, drums

From her bio:
An award-winning classical pianist before jazz intervened...,  Houston native Helen Sung is blazing her own path. A Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz Performance graduate, she went on to win the Kennedy Center's Mary Lou Williams Jazz Piano Competition and is now enchanting listeners everywhere with an imaginative, modern artistry that thoroughly captivates: her music swings, it's funky, intelligent, and utterly unique.

In addition to her first-rate albums and band, Sung currently appears with fine ensembles including the Mingus Big Band, T.S.Monk, and Terri Lyne Carrington's Grammy-winning Mosaic Project. Take the journey with this rising artist named by Wynton Marsalis as one of his 2011 "Who's Got Next: Jazz Musicians to Watch"!

Music License: © All Rights Reserved
Artist Location: New York, USA
* Sung's website was built by Ben Azzara

29 July 2013

Ail Fionn

At the heart of Ail Fionn are Matthew on saz, a 7-string Turkish instrument, and Inge on mandolin. This album of dreamy, semi-improvised, psych folk songs was recorded with friends at the Higher Grow Studio in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium.


Keywords: mandolin; saz; baglama; drone; droning; acoustic; atmospheric; folk; free psych-folk; free psychfolk; free psych folk; freeform; improv; improvisation; improvisational; improvisatory; improvised; improvising; jam; jamming; lofi; lo-fi; organic; other; psychedelia; psychedelic; psychfolk; psych-folk; space; spacey; spontaneous; modal; elf; elven; fairy; faery; pixie; Sint-Niklaas; Flanders; Vlaanderen; celtic; Irish; Irish trad; Irish traditional; traditional Irish; Irish folk; Ireland; Cornwall; Cornish; Cornish folk; Cornish traditional; traditional Cornish; traditional; Sweden; Swedish; Swedish folk; Swedish traditional; traditional Swedish

Music License: © CC BY-NC-SA
Image: Inge traveling in France at the time with mules and a wagon built by Matthew, original here

28 July 2013

When the Toy Piano Is Not a Toy

Here is an album of selections from a live performance of contemporary compositions by Karlheinz Essl performed by classical pianist Víctor Trescolí on toy piano and grand piano and processed by Essl with live-electronics.

The concert was held at New Theatre of the Fine Arts School Alfons Roig at Universitat Politècnica de Valencia. Videos of the performance are on the release page. Below is a work not included in the album.

For more toy piano works, please see the Oddio Overplay article "The Underappreciated Kinderklavier" and associated compilation mix at the Free Music Archive.

Music License: © CC BY-NC-ND
Artist Location: Valencia, Spain and Vienna, Austria

27 July 2013

Voice and Keys by the American Dionne Bromfield

The brand new release this week, Love Letters And Broken Hearts, from Gumbo Soul Music features singer and keyboardist Dionne Bromfield. Her voice is lovely, controlled, and jazzy. Her songs are from the heart.

Bromfield on keys and voice is joined by Derrick Hines playing bass guitar and Robert Campbell on drums.

This Dionne Bromfield is an American performer.  It seems, however, that the images embedded in some of the mp3s may be British pop and soul singer-songwriter, Amy Winehouse goddaughter and collaborator, and TV celebrity of the same name, Dionne Julia Bromfield. Confusing. See Dionne's bio below.

Gumbo Soul Music writes:

Dionne Bromfield is fabled to have been born with microphone in-hand. She was raised engrossed in performing and worship artistry by her classically trained jazz pianist father and choir director mother. This eclectic artist grew up active in music, theater and dance but perhaps the greatest impressions were left when she was given a chance to “sit-in” with her family’s bands, vocal groups and orchestras. Dionne emerged on the professional Colorado music scene as a teen and, because of her sophisticated musical ear, attention to detail, and ability to effectively adapt her sound to most sounds and styles of music, was quickly dubbed a chameleon.

Not your average “Pop Girl”, Dionne earned her Bachelors of Arts degree in Music, studying musical techniques ranging from jazz and classical to soul, gospel and Negro spirituals. A former Fisk University Jubilee Singer ™ (Nashville, TN), Dionne renders a unique, youthful artistry infused with spoken word and many music genres including soul, classical, rock and Christian music. As a writer, she draws from her faith, experiences, observations and education. As a result, compositions and arrangements are an eclectic art form of their own. She calls her musical blend of storytelling “Life Music”. Currently, Dionne is materializing as an artist to watch. She also remains a highly sought after session and stage vocalist, songwriter and arranger. Dionne’s passionate delivery, personal testimonies, poetic styling and magnetic energy produce a distinct and refreshing experience for all “within reach”.

Music License: © All Rights Reserved
Artist Location: Atlanta

26 July 2013

United States of Electronica

United State of Electronica, or U.S.E, is a Seattle, Washington based dance rock band. The U.S.E self-titled album United State of Electronica feels like Daft Punk as power pop. Fun at parties!

Check out the first track, "It Is On", and see if you are smiling before the end.

Smiling yet? Here's the whole album!

Music License: All Rights Reserved
Artist Location: Seattle, Washington, USA
Image: U.S.E promo photo from official website gallery

25 July 2013

Collage Pop Selections

Today's selections are albums of original compositions incorporating samples from existing works. The end results of the process are fun!

Les Oreilles En Ballades - Sandwich
Independent Release, 2006

Nood - Shaped Like A Taco
dBUT Recordings, 2000
© ? "NOOD resist stupid copyright laws"

Gorowski - Simulators Can
WM Recordings, 2007

24 July 2013

Calypso Concert, NYC, 1946

Town Hall, NYC 21 Dec 1946 

From the historic Alan Lomax recordings at the Association for Cultural Equity:

A live recording of Calypso At Midnight, a concert held at Town Hall, New York City, on December 21, 1946. Learning that Town Hall could be rented cheaply after regular theater hours, Alan Lomax produced a late-night concert series called The Midnight Special, which was thematically organized as Blues At Midnight, Ballads At Midnight, etc., and sponsored by the People’s Songs Collective.

The calypso concert recordings, made at Lomax’s request and later found by chance in a closet by Bess Lomax Hawes, may be the only extant record of this series.

“This concert is a fascinating document of an American presentation of Trinidadian calypso at a time when interest in the genre was spreading from New York City into the mainstream of popular music in the United States”
-- Donald R. Hill and John H. Cowley,
liner notes of Calypso At Midnight [Rounder 1840]

Music License: © All Rights Reserved
Image: improvised from flag of Trinidad and 1946 David S. Martin poster of the event
Artist Location: Trinidad, Caribbean

23 July 2013

Improvisation from Knyaz Mishkin

The intuitive improvization group Knyaz Mishkin of Belarus has been performing together for more than 22 years. The ever-changing musician lineup is under the direction of the group's founder, guitarist Leanid Narushevich.

The skill of the performers and their improvisational ability to work off of one another is apparent in this collection of three performances, Usialiakaje (1:08:02). offered at the impressive, cutting edge HAZE netlabel.

For more works by the Knyaz Mishkin ensemble, see the HAZE, Clinical Archives, Classwar Karaoke, and suRRism-Phonoethics netlabels, the Free Music Archive, and the Internet Archive.

Music License: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0
Artist Location: Minsk, Belarus

22 July 2013

Death Metal from Cydocore for Your Monday

Sometimes Mondays just need a kick start of death metal, right? Envenom by Cydocore is ready to get your Monday moving.


Music License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA
Artist Location: Novska, Croatia

21 July 2013

Snoop's Ashtrays and Heartaches: the Mixtape

To promote his new Reincarnated album and accompanying DVD celebrating his new reggae sound and his new name, Snoop Doggy Dogg Lion and friends released the mixtape, Ashtrays and Heartbreaks.

This is a true single-track 1-hour mixtape. Mixed by Max Glazer of Federation Sound, Ashtrays and Heartbreaks includes original tracks from the Reincarnated album featuring Drake, Miley Cyrus, Akon, Rita Ora, as well as new tracks from Jovi Rockwell, Angela Hunte, Jahdan Blakkamoore, and more.

You can get the mixtape Ashtrays and Heartbreaks at DubCNN, the West Coast News Network.

Music License: All Rights Reserved
Artist Location: Long Beach, California,USA

20 July 2013

Handel Society Choir Performs Greek Myth Serenata by Handel

The Handel Society Choir performs George Frideric Handel's small opera Acis And Galatea (HWV 49, c. 1718). The English libretto is written by John Gay, composer of The Beggar's Opera.

The charming and tragic love story of Galatea, her beloved Acis, and the sinister cyclops Polyphemus is well-explained in the Mythology Guide. The text of the libretto is available from Opera Glass (Stanford University).

Handel wrote some of his most beautiful melodies for the story of Acis and Galatea, and it was Handel's most popular dramatic work. More about the work can be found at Wikipedia.

MusOpen is an archive of public domain classical performances and sheet music. Visitors may stream all the music, but MusOpen requires a free account login to download.

Music License: Public Domain
Artist Location: Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

Image: detail of Acis and Galatea, by Nicolas Poussin, c 1626-1628, oil on canvas. National Gallery of Ireland, Dublin, Ireland.

19 July 2013

Twangy Psychedelia from The Spectacular Fantastic

We dig the psychedelic indie pop and rock of The Spectacular Fantastic and have been promoting them to readers for years.

Remember the sounds of Camper Van Beethoven and early Flaming Lips? Mix those sounds with southern twang and bigger doses of psychedelic pop and you have yourself something like the mighty friendly flavor of The Spectacular Fantastic.

Mike writes, "TSF has been many things over the years.  The "band" began as a solo recording project that eventually evolved into a full blown rock and roll band and has recently devolved back into a recording project in, near, and around Cincinnati.

"I have been very fortunate to share a musical bond with many of my friends over the past 5 years or so.  The members/collaborators have included Jon Schwartz, Doug Baum, William Ryan Fletcher, Roger Pott, Bryan Dellefield, and Jonathan Williams.  We have played many shows throughout the region and have released several albums and a few EPs.  The lineup currently consists of Jonathan Williams and myself.

"We live in the studio and are refining and practicing the art of songwriting on an ongoing basis.  We may or may not re-emerge as a live band but as long as I am around, we will probably release an album here and there.  We do believe in making music that is easily accessible and either very affordable or free to enjoy."

Continue reading for three more players

18 July 2013

Kowloon Walled City to Rock Your Teeth Out

The Kowloon Walled City sound is a conglomerate of bottom-heavy sludge, hardcore, and metal set to rock the teeth out of your skull.

Their name alone calls to mind one of the most anarchic, innovative, and disturbing human experiments of all time which can set your brain on edge before you even hear the band. Then you hear the band, and they pound through your chest.

Bad ass.

On the Free Music Archive you will find the Kowloon Walled City albums Turk Street and Gambling on the Richter Scale, plus a live studio performance on the show of the rockinest WFMU DJ Diane Kamikaze (also a bad ass!).

Music License: All three recordings are Creative Commons licensed with Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives (aka Music Sharing) Artist Location: San Fransisco, California, USA

17 July 2013

Blues Rock from Vintage Trouble

Yeah, chocolate and peanut butter are a classic combination, but that can't hold a candle to the soul, rhythm and blues, and rock classic combination brought by Vintage Trouble.

Their writeup reads, "a new kind of soul band had been born with unlimited creativity and force."

The band is strong enough to open for the Rolling Stones and The Who this summer. Acts like that are quite an endorsement. Maybe you have seen them on The Tonight Show, Conan, Jools Holland, and making the rounds.

The Vintage Trouble 4-song NoiseTrade Sampler features the lead single off their debut album, "Blues Hand Me Down"; a live track of their song "Love With Me"; an acoustic version of their song "Nancy Lee"; and a recording of their song "World's Gonna Have To Take A Turn Around".

Music License: All Rights Reserved
Artist Location: Los Angeles, California, USA

16 July 2013

Shake That Bootay with Juno What

The press release of electric boogie funk monsters Juno What?! is spot on, saying:

Juno What?! is a shameless dance party.

Formed in 2008, the band has quickly become the leading practitioner of high-energy disco booty jams, and live electro-funk.

Juno What?! is bringing their illuminated madness to stages across the country. Catalyzing dance floors into sonic landscapes, the band has ignited a devoted following of fans by providing raw, electrifying shows which are devoid of the aimless wanderings of the lesser jam community.

Their sound is ahead of its time yet still rooted in the foundation of early-80’s dance grooves with a devout appreciation for sternum-bumping progressive themes.

Juno What?! kindly shares two booty-shakin' albums for your pleasure on their website!

The second album is live, and just check out how they bring it live:

Music License: All Rights Reserved
Image: Shameless album cover
Artist Location: Colorado, USA?

15 July 2013

Fiona Soe Paing Takes You to New Places

The Black Lantern Music label is one of the best labels putting out exciting releases right now. Their artist roster includes acts like Tickle, Eaters, Nevada Base, Ill Papa Giraffe, Burning Bright, Comma, Asthmatic Astronaut,  Daddy_Scrabble, Underling, and Krowne.

Black Lantern Music writes, "Over the years we have released a massive range of hip-hop, electronic and experimental music, taking in styles as diverse as jazz, techno, crunk, future bass, synth-pop, electro, alt.rap, math-rock, dark synth, chillwave, dubstep, ambient and doomcrunk... and that's just scratching the surface."

Also in the lineup is Fiona Soe Paing, a remarkable woman producing  experimental electronic music mingled with her ethereal voice singing in Burmese and English. Her music takes you to new places. Here's an example of what we mean, the song "Daymoon Sun" from Fiona Soe Paing's Tower of Babel EP+DVD.

The song is also featured in the Black Lantern Music label sampler BLM:50 Raise the Black Lantern. The label says, "This Black Lantern 'best of' features 50 tracks, some from across our back catalogue, plus a few exclusives. It's available from our Bandcamp as a pay-what-you-want download. We release most of our music free of charge, and when we do charge, that money goes straight to the artists. We're raising funds for a website re-launch - if you can donate some money in exchange for these 50 tracks, we'd very much appreciate it."  

Details from Fiona Soe Paing's profile at Black Lantern:  

Based in Aberdeenshire, Fiona Soe Paing has been evolving her unique brand of experimental, vocal-led electronica since 2007. One of her first home demos, sung in fledgling phrasebook Burmese, was discovered on Myspace by the legendary BBC DJ Charlie Gillett, who included it on one of his Sound of the World compilations, released internationally on Warner Music, alongside artists including Gotan Project and Devendra Banhart.    

Tower of Babel EP is accompanied by a limited edition DVD of music videos by New Zealand animation artist Zennor Alexander. Their previous collaborations have been screened on The Arts Channel on Sky TV New Zealand, as well as at film festivals including Digital Fringe Melbourne and NEON digital arts festival Dundee. Fiona has performed the 'live cinema'-style set with the projected animations at venues including Auckland Art Gallery, Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art and with the National Theatre of Scotland....    

In early 2012, Fiona was granted funding through Creative Scotland to make new work, and two of the new tracks are included on the Tower of Babel EP.

The 2010 EP Songs From No Man's Land  is also a winner, featuring four tracks from the audio-visual performance of No Man's Land. The description reads, "Skeletal, off-world electronica from Aberdeenshire based Scottish/ Burmese producer and vocalist Fiona Soe Paing - alien lullabies envelop and mesmerize in the spaces between dreaming and waking." And just check the reviews:

"Weirdness to soothe your soul"   --Tom Robinson, BBC 6 Music    

"hybrid going on mutant"  --The Guardian  

"stylish, elegant and sinister"  --New Zealand Herald  

"outrageously beautiful"  --Grand Central Records 

All the positive reviews ring true, and Fiona Soe Paing is nothing short of remarkable. We love her.

Music License: Creative Commons, see individual tracks for specific licensing
Artist Location: Aberdeenshire, Scotland, UK