27 June 2016

CosmoSoul Delivers Soul from Spain

Sunrise was the debut album of CosmoSoul with all the lyrics written and sung by Alana Sinkëy, whose sweet soul voice is sure to bring you a smile. In fact, when there are multiple layers of Alana's voice, such as in the song "Sunny Days," it is hard not to smile.

A truly international act, the five members of CosmoSoul come from three continents and five different continents.

The album was originally hosted on Jamendo and has since been reissued on Bandcamp. You can still get either version, and if you get it at Bandcamp, you can support band with a purchase.


IMAGE: original and reissue album covers; photographs by Gianfranco Tripodo; art design 2011 edition by Javier Castro and 2012 edition by Belén Chavarri.
NATIONALITY: Euro W: Spain: Madrid
CLASSIFICATIONS: Soul; Funk; Fusion; Rhythm and Blues; Dance
LANGUAGE: English; Portuguese, Spanish
FILED UNDER: Digital: Popular Class: Rhythm And Blues: Contemporary

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