21 June 2016

Gordon and Stravinsky Multimedia

In this recording, the La Jolla Symphony under the direction of conductor Steven Schick performs two very different works in one multimedia program.

The first is Gotham, a contemporary work by composer Michael Gordon and its film by Bill Morrison. The second is composer Igor Stravinsky's work with André Gide's text, Persephone.

Gordon + Stravinsky - La Jolla Symphony
from University of California Television
Premiere Date: May 2016; 82 minutes

Orchestra: La Jolla Symphony
Conductor: Steven Schick

1. Gotham
Composer: Michael Gordon
Filmmaker: Bill Morrison

The first half offers GOTHAM, a 2004 joint production by filmmaker Bill Morrison and composer Michael Gordon. Using archival footage of New York City, Gotham combines film, projectors, lighting, and the orchestra to create a haunting impression of the city.

2. Persephone
Composer: Igor Stravinsky
Narrator: Alice Teyssier
Tenor: John K. Russell
Chorus: North Coast Singers Caprice Choir

Stravinsky’s opulent PERSEPHONE, which the composer described as a "melodrama," sets a text by André Gide that tells of the descent of the goddess Persephone into the underworld and her return. For this presentation the Symphony is joined by the Lux Boreal Dance Company, a narrator, a tenor soloist, and a children’s choir.

Video of the performances, including the film and the dance troupe are available to stream or download at UCTV (University of California Television) and on their YouTube profile. The film is also available for viewing in three pieces at the official website of filmmaker Bill Morrison.

MUSIC COPYRIGHTS: All Rights Reserved
IMAGE: A still image from Bill Morrison's film
NATIONALITY: USA: California: San Diego
CLASSIFICATIONS: Contemporary Composition; Orchestral
COMPOSERS: Michael Gordon; Igor Fyodorovich Stravinsky
WRITER, FILMMAKER: André Gide; Bill Morrison
LANGUAGE: (instrumental); French
FILED UNDER: Digital: Art Music: Recent (Post-Romantic to Contemporary)

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