Here is a general table of how releases are classified here at Oddio Overplay. We use the largely accepted musicological trichotomy of Art Music, Popular Music, and Traditional Music.

Music Classification 2020
Revision 2020-02

Formal Classes

Art Music - also called Classical, Court, Serious, or Formal Music, has advanced structural and theoretical considerations and a written musical tradition

Progressive Art Music -

Children - Music and spoken works by and/ or for youth

Classic Popular Music - Popular Music forms predating rock-and-roll

Experimental - Forms

Jazz - In addition to pure jazz forms, some classic popular forms are here, such as big band swing

Popular Music -

Traditional Music -

Spoken - Includes everything from drama and poetry to instruction and talk shows

Regardless of the date of the recording, it falls under the form which is its closest fit. For example, a rockabilly band performing today is following an early rock form, and would be filed under Popular Music: Early Rock.

The Traditional Music recordings are organized using a method called the United Nations Geoscheme. It was developed by the United Nations Statistics Division. The system organizes the world into macro-geographical regions and subregions following continent geography as much as possible.

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