03 July 2016

Stoic Meditation Exercises

The ancient stoics really had their acts together. Their self control and introspection made them great leaders. That great classic, the autobiography of Emperor Marcus Aurelius, still inspires and guides readers today to lead better, more rational, and fulfilling lives.

In Exeter, Devonshire, England, a group of university professors, regional therapists, and philosophers gathers to organize methods of introducing stoicism to modern people and incorporating basic stoic principles in daily life. The result of their work is Stoicism Today which encompasses an annual event, website, books, magazine, self-study course, handbook, and more.

Member Dr. Donald Robertson narrates a free set of useful Stoicism audio exercises to help you incorporate Stoicism in your own life.

IMAGE: Bust of emperor Marcus Aurelius from poster of Stoicism Today annual event, Stoic Week
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