11 July 2016

Burgmüller by Esther Garcia

This little recording is dear to us here at Rancho Oddio. We hear it every single day of the year. This is because we have set it for various alarms throughout the day. The house favorite is "L'Hirondelle," as it is the breakfast alarm that brings us together for a meal watching busy wildlife outside the patio, a truly happy start to the day.


Apart from our personal reasons for loving this beautiful album, there is the outstanding performance by Esther Garcia. She breathes life into these Burgmüller compositions which are all too often performed mechanically. There is a delicacy to her performance offering a lovely, liquid flow to the pieces.

IMAGE: album cover
NATIONALITY: Euro W: Spain: Madrid
CLASSIFICATIONS: Classical; Piano; Romantic Era
COMPOSERS: Johann Friedrich Franz Burgmüller
LANGUAGE: (Instrumental)
FILED UNDER: Digital: Art: Historical: Euro Common

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