12 July 2016

Shake That Little Foot Sees 300K+ Downloads on FMA

B'Gosh and Begorrah! When an as yet unnamed band joined together in Liverpool in 1993 recording an unnamed album of traditional music, none present might have guessed how beloved that album would become around the world.

Eventually, the band became Shake That Little Foot. After getting their original tracks from the recording engineer, the band released the album online, and everywhere it is shared it becomes a favorite.

Since Oddio Overplay uploaded the album to the Free Music Archive, there have been more than 300,000 downloads there alone. That's a lot of new ears enjoying Shake That Little Foot!

Today, we are celebrating the success of an unnamed band's lovely unnamed album made for the joy of music and shared for free with the whole world. Hurray for Shake That Little Foot!

MUSIC COPYRIGHTS: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License
IMAGE: Painting on the cover is "The Dancing Couple" (1663) by Jan Steen housed in the National Gallery of Art (US)
NATIONALITY: Euro: UK: England: Liverpool
CLASSIFICATIONS: Folk; Americana; American Folk; England; English Folk; Banjo; Fiddle; Old-Time; Celtic; Mountain
FILED UNDER: Digital: Traditional: Multi Region

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