29 September 2022

Free Music Archive Update 2022 Sept

The Free Music Archive has made a lot of progress since our 2019 update. It is back to being a wonderful resource for artists to share and users to find free Creative Commons licensed works. Well done, FMA!

:: Looks much better, featuring a new LAYOUT with minimalist stylesheets.

:: All playable selections are dark until hover-over, which seems backwards.

:: Finally, the FMA is RESPONSIVE to your screen size! Looks great on all our devices.

:: MONETIZATION system in place for tipping artists!

:: The excellent AUDIO PLAYER is far superior to the original FMA player.

:: CHARTS seem to be active again. Not sure they are meaningful after years of not being tracked.

:: MIXES have returned, but are not playable for public from the mix pages, only for signed-in members.

:: FOLLOWERS (favorites) have been erased, so users need to re-follow (re-favorite) artists they like.

:: CURATORS and LABELS profiles have returned. LABELS has now been changed to NETLABELS, despite many not being netlabels, such as physical labels like Bloodshot Records

:: Cannot view profiles of USERS to see their favorites and mixes unless you are a signed in member

:: ARTIST SHUFFLE is a cool feature that loads the profile of a random artist

:: FEATURED MIXES and BLOG POSTS are only FMA staff at this time

:: White women shopping in record stores (for Elvis and Depeche Mode) are the default images for CURATORS, LABELS, and USERS regardless of sexual identity, race, or musical preference. Odd choice for defaults.

 :: No FORUMS or community feature, but COMMENTS seem to be active on recordings

Overall, the latest Free Music Archive looks great, functions very well, and is back on track for providing free Creative Commons licensed works to the public.  Go check it out!

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