24 June 2016

Celtic and Nordic Folk From Ogham Ensemble

La Ciudad de México might not be the first place you would expect to hear Celtic and Nordic folk music. That is unless you knew composer and musician Alex Daniels and his bands were performing it. Daniels is in three bands that cover a lot of geography— Kali Deryav (music from the Balkans, Turkey and the Caucasus), Ogham Ensemble (Celtic and Nordic music), and Tres Tristes Tangos (Klezmer and Tango).

Alex says, "I feel that I need to learn different musical languages (and learn them as deeply as I can) to have what it takes to make the music I want to do, but it also makes me very happy to play in these groups."

This lively set of tunes from the Ogham Ensemble is a real treat. You can also enjoy most tracks from their Ogham album.


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NATIONALITY: Amer S: México: Ciudad de México
CLASSIFICATIONS: Celtic; Nordic; Folk
LANGUAGE: (instrumental)
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