29 June 2016

Excellent Pop Inspired by Beach Boys and Beatles

Love the 1960s pop of the Beach Boys and Beatles? Then we highly recommend the brand new album CLOUDHEAD by Jamie Ward. This is a new favorite at Rancho Oddio.



This follow-up to 2015’s “I Am The Sun” shows Jamie Ward’s ability to push even further into a mixed bag of 1960’s inspired pop gems. Written, recorded, performed and produced by the artist, it is a more complex album in it’s songwriting and arrangements, tipping it’s hat to Brian Wilson’s modular recording style employed on “Pet Sounds” and the orchestral arrangements by George Martin on The Beatles middle period records, plus Phil Spectors layered “Wall Of Sound” technique. Elements of other 1960’s music makers including The Byrds, The Left Banke, The Rolling Stones, Harry Nillson and others are also honoured in this collection of original songs.   

CloudHead” was written as a concept album, a commentary on the disillusionment of a consumer driven existence based on the artists personal experience of transition between western society’s force-fed values and expectations to self-realization. The album represents a complete day in the life, starting with “Get Up!” and ending with “End Of The Day/Now That’s It’s Over”. It is a tribute to the dreamers, the “CloudHeads” of the world.

We are also wildly in love with Jamie Ward's aforementioned I AM THE SUN EP. You can find both albums on Bandcamp and on the FMA.

PS: If the voice sounds vaguely familiar, you may recognize Jamie Ward as the voice of that legendary children's artist, Uncle Neptune, a long-time favorite at both Kazoomzoom and Oddio Overplay.

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