04 March 2019


In January, Maximum Rocknroll announced they were calling it quits on the  legendary punk magazine. That is heartbreaking news to the worldwide punk community. Once upon a time before BBS and the Internet, MRR was a lifeline to even the most remote of punk scenes, uniting, inciting, informing, inspiring.


The good news is that MRR will still maintain the archive, likely the largest and most diverse punk audio library on Earth, and the radio show which is still in syndication since Tim's day in the late 1970s and also available as a podcast (subscribe).

More good news is that the Internet Archive hosts a nice collection of about 300 issues of the famous zine—scanned and searchable!

Go now and you can still get the final issues and back issues from Maximum Rocknroll's store to have, hold, and cherish. I have years of my MRRs and still adore and enjoy them. Cheers to all my MRR friends. MRR is dead, long live MRR.

— Katya Oddio

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