30 June 2013

Bluegrass and Blues from The Student Loan

How about some knee-slappin' bluegrass, blues, and mountain music from The Student Loan? This performance was recorded live in Suva, Fiji in March of 2009 as part of the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs Exchange Program.

"The Student Loan is an internationally touring bluegrass band that has been recognized by Jazz at Lincoln Center as the cutting edge of American roots music. They have worked extensively as musical ambassadors for the U.S. State Department and have performed in 16 countries on 5 continents. Borrowing heavily from a wide variety of styles their original music mixes catchy bluegrass melodies with classical and jamband forms to create an innovative new acoustic musical style distinctly their own." --Official Website

Music License: not stated, assume All Rights Reserved
Artist Location: USA

29 June 2013

Droning Rock for the Weekend

Here are two albums of rock drone from the Russian Association of Independent Genres (RAIG) to clear work from your mind this weekend. Prepare for space out.

A Foggy Realm (Ilya Lipkin) - Twilight
Electric Guitar Drone
© All Rights Reserved
Artist Location: Moscow, Russia

Psi Corps (Alisa Coral) - Shadow Creatures
[mirror1, mirror2]
Dark Space, Drone
Artist Location: Moscow, Russia

28 June 2013

Powerful Jazz from Dave Chisholm

Trumpeter Dave Chisholm and the cats who make up his combo performed two nights at Kilbourn Hall at the Eastman School of Music. Both performances  were professionally multi-track recorded and sound great, so Chisholm figured, "Why not put them out as a free double album for everybody to enjoy!?"

You'll be glad for his thinking, too. The first night is a mix of originals and standards, and the second night is all Charles Mingus. The band played hard and beautifully. Two Nights at Kilbourn Hall is a real gem of a recording.

Hats off to Dave Chisholm, trumpet; Colin Gordon, alto sax; Nick Weiser, piano; Ben Thomas, bass; Aaron Staebell and Jeff Kohl, drums; Mike Conrad, trombone; and Katie Ernst, voice.

There is an added treat there for you, too. You will find an additional free album by the group John Henry titled, Loud Set, that will knock your socks off, too. The group features Dave Chisholm, trumpet; David Halliday, tenor sax; Joe Chisholm, trombone; Derek Howa, Rhodes; Will Lovell, bass; and Steve Lyman, drums. Pow!

Music License: © All Rights Reserved
Image: Dave Chisholm by Darrian Amaker
Artist Location: Rochester, New York, USA

27 June 2013

The Lush Sounds of the '70s from Ill Mondo

The label Circle Into Square descibes Ill Mondo's De Novo album as "a psychedelic exploration of epic proportions" and goes on to say:
Recorded on classic, vintage equipment in authentic 70's style, Ill Mondo employed dozens of studio musicians and a variety of vocalists to complete the album. The recordings started with a Kraut-rock influenced studio jam session, and the sessions were edited down before extensive overdubbing; Mellotron flutes and strings blend with live horn and string sections, Latin percussion accents against the funky drums and a full choir section complements the space echo guitars.

Music License: © All Rights Reserved

Artist Location: San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

26 June 2013

Cape Verde Traditional Music

Mendes Brothers Ramiro and João are a duo from Cape Verde, the nation of islands in the Atlantic 350 miles off the coast of Africa. They are accomplished musicians, and Ramiro has written songs for fellow celebrity performers, such as the legendary Cesária Évora.

Among the Mendes Brothers recordings shared on Jamendo is their 1995 album Bandera. In his Allmusic review of the album, Mark Romano writes:
Bandera is an old and sacred Cape Verdean music style that has been preserved for over 500 years. The music is performed exclusively during the saints' festivals. There are two or more drummers, an entourage of call-and-response chanters, and masked dancers. Bandera is set on a beautifully syncopated 3/4 rhythmic pattern with a very simple and repetitive melodic structure.
This is the first time that bandera was transposed from its traditional music format to contemporary expression. The brothers have interpreted this ancient music and have done it admirably. With updated technology they have brought this music to a wider audience. The tracks are deeply rooted in the traditional rock bed of West Africa but also swing with a thoroughly modern intensity. The semba/ coladera tracks combine Cape Verdean coladera dance rhythms with Angolan semba. The mixture results in extended fiery marathons, percussion-laden with riffing horns. This is Cape Verdean music at its finest, with plenty of percussion and bass accompanied by call-and-response vocals and some great chops on the horns. Highly recommended.

Music License: © Creative Commons BY-SA
Artist Location: Cabo Verde (Cape Verde, officially the Republic of Cape Verde)

25 June 2013

Garage Rock Comp from Budabeats

This garage rock beauty came up in rotation today and had the Oddio grunts dancing, so we are passing that vibe on to you. Get up and shake that thang!

Various Artists [Budabeats] - Jerks From The Garage

"The 20th Budabeats relase will bring you back to the smokey late sixties with a collection of lo-fi tracks of bands hailing from the States, England, Spain, Germany, Belgium Hungary and even Guatemala. Pop-jerks, psych-pop, rockabilly, garage, beat, surf and some spagetti western feeling on this one!"

Music License: © Creative Commons BY-NC-ND

24 June 2013

Contemporary Works by Lloyd Rodgers

Contemporary composer Lloyd Rodgers is a remarkable person. He is a critically acclaimed California State University faculty composer, performer, and video installation artist who composes brilliant, cutting-edge, contemporary music. His compositions are so diverse he cannot be pigeonholed. Lloyd Rodgers is also remarkable in that he has released several of his scores and recordings into the public domain.

Among those recordings is a performance of the beautiful chamber piece Trio composed for the Mirecourt Trio. Trio premiered in New York City in October 1975. The recording is a performance of the piece in 1979.

Also among those recordings is The Lloyd Rogers Group album 13. It contains 12 selections from The Black Book, a private collection of 374 compositions and exercises written over the span of a year and notated in ink with no edits. 13 also includes "The Swing" which was composed in 1979 for the Cartesian Reunion Memorial Orchestra (who we love). The album and some collections of the CRMO are now hosted on the FMA.


Related, a recording of a composition by member of The Lloyd Rodgers Group: Paul Bailey Ensemble - Principle of Sufficient Irritation


Music License: US Public Domain
Artist Location: Fullerton, California, USA

23 June 2013

Rock Legends Black Market Baby

The late '70s and the '80s rock and punk scene in Washington, DC is infamous the world over. DC rockers Black Market Baby played their first show in 1980 and continue to rock the city with reunions. These were the bad boys, the drinkers and fighters. Stooges, Ramones, Black Market Baby, punk as hell. Black Market Baby provided a sharp contrast to the positive hardcore punks of DC.

As a tiny punk girl in DC, I was intimidated by Black Market Baby and rocking bands of their calibre. They were a little older and seemed drunk, disorderly, dangerous, nasty, mean, destructive -- the opposite of what I respected in the productive DC music scene. I couldn't help but love them, though, because Black Market Baby kept the snarl and fight and rock in the clubs. I love these bad boys still!

There are 10 tracks available on the official Black Market Baby website that capture some of the energy of this legendary band, and you can lay your hands on some of their recordings through Dischord Records, another legendary DC institution. Long live punk, baby!

--Katya Oddio

Music License: © All Rights Reserved
Image: Black Market Baby by Steve Figliozzi
Artist Location: Washington, DC, USA

22 June 2013

Women's Choral Music: The Goddess Suite

North Carolina's Community Music Project has been promoted by Oddio for years for their international folk music compilation series. Among the other recordings they share is a 1987 performance by the Community Music Project Chorus of the contemporary work The Goddess Suite by composer Cynthia Crossen.  

The Goddess Suite is a choral work for women's voices celebrating the Greek goddesses. Composed in 1986, performed in 1987, and revived in 2010, the performances raised more than $8,000 for women's charities.

Produced by Cynthia R. Crossen. Engineered by Don Mercz of WUNC Radio. Goddess Stories recorded at L.A. Sound Studios Ltd. (Lower Apex, NC); Engineered by Grant Wizard Spry. Cover by Hope Wilder. Re-mastered 2004 by Bob Gaude, Cynthia and Ken Crossen. CDs available from Cynthia Crossen.

Music License: © All Rights Reserved
Artist Location: North Carolina, USA

21 June 2013

Klezmer and Classical Reinterpreted by City & Eastern Symphonia

In it's heyday of the late '80s to mid-'90s, City & Eastern Yass Bend was the greatest Klezmer Band in the Netherlands, famous for its weekly concerts in "Het Syndicaat" in The Hague. The group was founded by Marcel Cuypers and Wilma Paalman. It morphed into other groups over the years based on the instruments and performers. All specialized in unorthodox interpretations of classical and folk music. Through their idiosyncratic versions of forgotten classics, City & Eastern Symphonia breathed new life into centuries old music.

The City & Eastern Symphonia album Time Release is a chronological overview of music beginning in antiquity at the time of Confucius and Pythagoras, working through the Middle Ages and classicism, to come to the brink of the twentieth century. It features compositions by Mozart, Mussorgsky, Brahms, Tchaikovsky and Satie, among others, focusing on Asian-style pieces, like "Danse Arab" and "Turkish Marches". They also sing Roma and Swedish folk songs.

Performing are Marcel Cuypers, clarinet, piano, vocals; Astrid Rubenowitz, violin; Wilma Paalman, cello, zang; Alain Labrie and Erik Schurman - guitar; Jan den Boer and Peter Wassenaar, contrabass; Rupert Rubenowitz - percussion; and Marcel van der Schot, accordion.

Cupers shares many other recordings on his site, as well. Time Release has long been a favorite at Oddio Headquarters.

Music License: © All Rights Reserved
Image: Candid photo of some members of City & Eastern Symphonia from website of Wilma Paalman
Artist Location: The Netherlands

20 June 2013

Jazz Compilations from 001 Records

001 Records is three labels in one. The Chilean label has its electronic label, an ambient-drone-noise-space-experimental label called Organic Acoustic, and a jazz compilation series.

Recórcholis, the first in the jazz series, knocked our socks off when it was released in 2010 and remains one of our all-time favorite free jazz albums. It is proof that jazz is alive and well and thriving in the República de Chile.

We have not spent as much time with Replicas, the second in the series, but it is high quality jazz, as well.

The label writes, "'Recórcholis (Perdimos A Uno)' by Claudio Rubio, one of Chile’s 'new jazz' saxophonists, was commissioned in December of 2009 to headline a series of compilations of music created during the year. Thus the CD Recórcholis is snapshot of a very productive season in which composers and improvisors have recorded works that mark the route to higher levels in Chilean jazz."

In addition to the official website, 001 Records is also on the Internet Archive where you will also find easy downloads of the jazz comps

Volume 1: Recórcholis
Volume 2: Replicas

Music License: Creative Commons BY-NC-ND

19 June 2013

Funk Diva Saidah Baba Talibah

Canadian chanteuse Saidah Baba Talibah is bringing the funk sound today, as powerfully as diva Betty Davis did in her day. Saidah's album (S)Cream is funky, sticky, rocking, and waiting for you.

Press release: Satisfying and soulful. Raw and raunchy. Inspiring, tantalizing and scandalous. Dripping with sensuality. Saidah Baba Talibah will take you on a trip, get you high, bring you to your knees and take you to that place called grace, all in one album. Known as an electrifying performer, Saidah Baba Talibah has a powerful voice, which goes from a seductive, soft purr to a powerful bellow at the turn of a dime.

Now Magazine (Canada's largest weekly): "There’s Rock n' Roll. And then there’s the Rock n' Soul of buzzy Toronto-bred vocalist Saidah Baba Talibah, daughter of Tony and Grammy Award-nominated icon Salome Bey, 'Canada's First Lady of Blues'. Strong bloodline notwithstanding, Saidah is a fierce artist that isn't afraid to combine rock/funk/soul in all of her performances!"

Music License: All Rights Reserved
Image: Saidah Baba Talibah for Kamoy Magazine
Artist Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

18 June 2013

Chamber Jazz from The Tim Ware Group

On his official website, Modern Mandolin Music, Tim Ware, American mandolinist and composer, shares two of The Tim Ware Group albums and relevant sheet music.

The albums are The Tim Ware Group (1980) which launched the group to prominence and Shelter From The Norm (1983) with album cover art by renowned designer Michael Cronan. These albums are still relevant and much sought after today.

The Tim Ware Group helped define the emerging genre of "New Acoustic Music", a genre blending influences from bluegrass, jazz, and international folk traditions using only acoustic instruments. Ware is also a notable artist linked to the genre of "Chamber Jazz".
Chamber jazz is a genre of jazz based around small, acoustic-based ensembles where group interplay is important. It is influenced aesthetically by musical neoclassicism and is often influenced by classical forms of non-Western music.... It is also noted for using instruments not normally associated with jazz. For example, chamber jazz will make use of the oboe, mandolin, cymbalum, or the tabla.

The non-Western influences or instrumentation make chamber jazz at times listed as a kind of world music. At other times the fusion of neoclassical with jazz is deemed to be New Age and several albums of chamber jazz were released by Windham Hill Records. Windham Hill itself was co-founded by a musician linked to chamber jazz and was initially known for folk or world music.
-- Wikipedia

Music License: All Rights Reserved
Image: Press photo of The Tim Ware Group, c. 1980
Artist Location: California, USA

17 June 2013

Lilian Hak, Torchy and Bluesy

Lilian Hak recorded a beautiful session as a stripped down two-piece outfit with loops at WFMU that aired on This Is the Modern World with DJ Trouble. Lilian's music is not easily pegged. Think torchy k.d. lang, classic soul, early blues rock, and vocal jazz. Check her out and fall in love. This session is one of our favorites at the FMA.

Music License: Creative Commons BY-NC-ND Image: detail of cover of Old Powder, New Guns album
Artist Location: The Netherlands

16 June 2013

Classic Rhythm and Blues from Quinn DeVeaux

Quinn DeVeaux and The Blue Beat Revue offer you their album Under Covers. It is a great collection of classic soul, early rock, and R&B favorites.

Music License: All Rights Reserved
Image: album cover
Artist Location: Oakland, California, USA

14 June 2013

Australian '60s Rock Undergound

Back in 2004, Melbourne Community Radio Station 3CR released a book by about the wild 1960s Australian underground rock scene, Wild About You! Tales from the Australian Rock Undergound: 1963-68. The book was accompanied by a 19-song tribute CD featuring Melbourne's top contemporary groups covering period hits. The set sold out in no time.

The Ledatape Organisation, home of great music culture artifacts, has somehow landed the great luck of reissuing the CD digitally. They were also given the rights to do the same with two out-of-print psychedelic Aussie compilations from 3CR.

"Bloodied noses! Car crashes! Police harassment! Jealous boyfriends! These were just a few of the hazards that faced the beat groups who roamed Australia during the mid-sixties. Despite these obstacles (perhaps because of them) a number of homegrown acts came to epitomise the down and dirty sound of the Antipodean underground." -- Ledatape Organisation

Music License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA
Image:cover of original CD
Artist Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

13 June 2013

The Guitaret Album

The Guitaret is an an electric lamellophone instrument by produced by Hohner andinvented in 1963 by Ernst Zacharias. It was only produced for two years. The Guitaret has a tone something like an electric thumb piano (kalimba) and a plucked guitar or banjo.

Champion of the instrument, Michael Peters (Tonlab), released an album featuring the Guitaret a few weeks ago with several fellow performers.  The 11-song compilation is aptly titled The Guitaret Album.

See Vintage Audio Berlin's online museum for photos of the instrument. Hohner offers downloads of the original Guitaret product flyer and player's guide.

Owners of Guitarets are invited to join the Facebook Guitaret Fan Club where these artists gathered and planned this release.

Music License: © All Rights Reserved
Images: the original Guitaret product flyer and player's guide by Hohner

12 June 2013

Film Noir Spy Themes from GeeNerve

Suspense Dance Delights by GeeNerve (Guido Erfen) is an album we promoted years ago at Oddio. On listening to these film noir spy themes again, we knew we had to share this gem on Blogio, too. See the liner notes for more info. The notes are included in the cover art booklet, as well.

So Healthy Music, the label and netlabel Erfen co-founded, still offers several additional releases for your pleasure.

Music License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA
Artist Location: Cologne, Germany

11 June 2013

Etsuko Chida, Classical Japanese Koto

Etsuko Chida beautifully plays koto and sings on her album Koto Kumiuta on the polished Shskh label. The compositions she performs on this album are from 900 - 1200 AD.

Track one is also available on the FMA:

The label Accords Croisés tells us:
Etsuko Chida is born in Sapporo, the main town of Hokkaido, the northern island of the japanese archipelago.
When she was five, she began to learn how to play koto and singing at the Yamada School, whose current master is Yemoto Hagioka Shoin, living in Tokyo. In Sapporo, Etsuko Chida followed the rigorous traditionnal teaching of three of the most important koto virtuosos, Kaga Toyomasa, Yokota Toyochika and Sanagi Okatoyo. After long years of studying, Etsuko Chida was given the right of having a Natori, a professional name : Toyochi Eka.
Etsuko Chida kneels on the stage carpet with all the grace imposed by the Kimono and bends over her noble wood-ivory-nylon-made companion. With precise gestures, she adjusts the position of the bridges and the tension of the strings, then caresses them to extract their crystalline sound.
Inspired during the 7th century of the Chinese Cheng, the koto has become, as centuries went by, one of the most representative instruments of the traditional japanese music. Many styles of playing this zither have been developped through the years. Etsuko belongs to the Yamada School which, during the 18th century, added the narrative singing to the deepest values of instrumental music, privileging the use of koto rather than the Shamisen lute which was the dominant instrument at that time.

Music License: © Creative Commons BY-NC
Image: from official website
Artist Location: Japan

10 June 2013

Freeway Audio's Zamalek Soundtrack

Several years ago, Oddio shared the news that Test Pressing shared four tracks by Freeway Audio (Jil Christensen, Stephen Levitin). Those tracks bear sharing on Blogio.

Test Pressing writes that Jil Christensen "studied at the New England Conservatory, wrote a piece for the American Symphony Orchestra, scored an opera, plays in a jazz ensemble, lives in North Carolina and makes modern classical music influenced by the likes of John Cage."

The four Freeway Audio tracks Christensen shared are from the Zamalek original soundtrack she produced. The first of which, "Maadi", features vocals from Yazarah, a singer who has worked with artists such as Erykah Badu.

Music License: assume © All Rights Reserved
Image: from original Test Pressing post
Artist Location: Sweden?

09 June 2013

Blues Rock on Zap! Azul

When it was still living, BandSoup put out a great compilation of blues rock, Zap! Azul. The album features 17 blues laced rock songs from 17 different artists. Rock on!

Download includes PDF with links to all the artists and more music.

Music License: © All Rights Reserved
Image: album cover

08 June 2013

Emanuel Salvador Performs Works by Modern and Contemporary Composers

Emanuel Salvador, "one of the finest Portuguese violinists of his generation" per Strad Magazine, has released an album with the incredible cutting edge label XS Records in Portugal. The label is a champion of contemporary classical music and improvisational formats.

Salvador's Selected Performances features exquisite performances of works by modern composers Sir Edward Elgar and Claude Debussy followed by contemporary composer Karl Fiorini.

This album is a genuine treat for modern art music enthusiasts!

Music License: Creative Commons BY-NC-ND
Artist Location: Portugal

07 June 2013

VitalFM Compilations

VitalFM, "First for Underground and Underrated Dubstep, Drum and Bass, and Electro", put out the call to artists for their compilations and met with success. Move your body to Infinity and Dystopia. Preview videos of both albums below. You will also find mixes and podcasts at VitalFM.

Music License: assume © All Rights Reserved

06 June 2013

Discount Hi-Fi, Friends Making Music

Discount Hi-Fi is or was a business in the Porter District of Gainesville, Florida, USA.
Discount Hi-Fi is also the name of a band in the same town. Discount Hi-Fi is an album by the Melodicans, also of Gainesville, and made up of some of the same friends as the band Discount Hi-Fi. It is also the name of an album by fellow Florida band Honey Chamber.

The Letter by Discount Hi-Fi is an album of melodic pop rock. This is the fun album that had the Oddio Team digging for more information.

Meanwhile, Discount Hi-Fi by the Melodicans is an album of reggae tinted pop songs.

Cheers to all the musician friends who make this music together.

Music License: Both albums © All Rights Reserved
Image: Discount Hi Fi, Gainesville, FL by Samfeltus
Artist Location: Gainesville, Florida, USA

05 June 2013

Gorgeous Jazz Combo Album

The Natalia Skvortsova Band offer you their gorgeous contemporary jazz album Summer Time, released on top-notch Moscow label, top-40.

"Summer Time is a project of an acclaimed Russian jazz pianist and composer Natalia Skvortsova. With this album, Natalia and her band attempted to create a music, inspired by very specific images and appearances, described in the track titles: a rose, a train, a sleeping boy, etc. Obviously, the musical form of their choice is jazz. So the resulting album is a very nice piece of melodic, soft and groovy contemporary jazz – a perfect soundtrack for your summer laid-back listening session."

Music License: Creative Commons BY-NC-ND
Artist Location: Moscow, Russia

04 June 2013

The 88, Not Just The Kinks Reborn

The 88 is the backup band of Ray Davies, co-founder of The Kinks, one of the most influential rock bands of the British Invasion. In this role, The 88 performs songs by The Kinks, whose classics include "You Really Got Me," "Lola," "All Day and All of the Night," "Sunny Afternoon," "Apeman," "A Well Respected Man," "Come Dancing," "Tired of Waiting For You," and "Waterloo Sunset."

The 88 is much more than "The Kinks Reborn." They are their own rock band with their own sound. To hear for yourself, check out this great 11-track album they are offering up for the taking. Well-produced pop to play over and over again.

Music License: All Rights Reserved
Artist Location: Los Angeles, California, USA

03 June 2013

Franck's Sonata for Cello and Piano

The Sonata in A major for Violin and Piano by César Franck is one of his best known compositions, and considered one of the finest sonatas for violin and piano ever written. It is an amalgam of his rich native harmonic language with the Classical traditions he valued highly, held together in a cyclic framework....

The Violin Sonata in A exists in versions for cello, viola, flute, alto saxophone, tuba, organ with choir, violin and strings, and violin and orchestra. However, the setting for cello and piano was the only alternative version sanctioned by Franck. It is believed that the work was first conceived as a sonata for cello and piano and only later reset for violin and piano.

Music License: Public Domain
Image: Belgian-French composer César Franck (1822-1890) photographed by Pierre Petit (1832-1909)