23 June 2013

Rock Legends Black Market Baby

The late '70s and the '80s rock and punk scene in Washington, DC is infamous the world over. DC rockers Black Market Baby played their first show in 1980 and continue to rock the city with reunions. These were the bad boys, the drinkers and fighters. Stooges, Ramones, Black Market Baby, punk as hell. Black Market Baby provided a sharp contrast to the positive hardcore punks of DC.

As a tiny punk girl in DC, I was intimidated by Black Market Baby and rocking bands of their calibre. They were a little older and seemed drunk, disorderly, dangerous, nasty, mean, destructive -- the opposite of what I respected in the productive DC music scene. I couldn't help but love them, though, because Black Market Baby kept the snarl and fight and rock in the clubs. I love these bad boys still!

There are 10 tracks available on the official Black Market Baby website that capture some of the energy of this legendary band, and you can lay your hands on some of their recordings through Dischord Records, another legendary DC institution. Long live punk, baby!

--Katya Oddio

Music License: © All Rights Reserved
Image: Black Market Baby by Steve Figliozzi
Artist Location: Washington, DC, USA

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