24 June 2013

Contemporary Works by Lloyd Rodgers

Contemporary composer Lloyd Rodgers is a remarkable person. He is a critically acclaimed California State University faculty composer, performer, and video installation artist who composes brilliant, cutting-edge, contemporary music. His compositions are so diverse he cannot be pigeonholed. Lloyd Rodgers is also remarkable in that he has released several of his scores and recordings into the public domain.

Among those recordings is a performance of the beautiful chamber piece Trio composed for the Mirecourt Trio. Trio premiered in New York City in October 1975. The recording is a performance of the piece in 1979.

Also among those recordings is The Lloyd Rogers Group album 13. It contains 12 selections from The Black Book, a private collection of 374 compositions and exercises written over the span of a year and notated in ink with no edits. 13 also includes "The Swing" which was composed in 1979 for the Cartesian Reunion Memorial Orchestra (who we love). The album and some collections of the CRMO are now hosted on the FMA.


Related, a recording of a composition by member of The Lloyd Rodgers Group: Paul Bailey Ensemble - Principle of Sufficient Irritation


Music License: US Public Domain
Artist Location: Fullerton, California, USA

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