20 June 2013

Jazz Compilations from 001 Records

001 Records is three labels in one. The Chilean label has its electronic label, an ambient-drone-noise-space-experimental label called Organic Acoustic, and a jazz compilation series.

Recórcholis, the first in the jazz series, knocked our socks off when it was released in 2010 and remains one of our all-time favorite free jazz albums. It is proof that jazz is alive and well and thriving in the República de Chile.

We have not spent as much time with Replicas, the second in the series, but it is high quality jazz, as well.

The label writes, "'Recórcholis (Perdimos A Uno)' by Claudio Rubio, one of Chile’s 'new jazz' saxophonists, was commissioned in December of 2009 to headline a series of compilations of music created during the year. Thus the CD Recórcholis is snapshot of a very productive season in which composers and improvisors have recorded works that mark the route to higher levels in Chilean jazz."

In addition to the official website, 001 Records is also on the Internet Archive where you will also find easy downloads of the jazz comps

Volume 1: Recórcholis
Volume 2: Replicas

Music License: Creative Commons BY-NC-ND

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