18 June 2013

Chamber Jazz from The Tim Ware Group

On his official website, Modern Mandolin Music, Tim Ware, American mandolinist and composer, shares two of The Tim Ware Group albums and relevant sheet music.

The albums are The Tim Ware Group (1980) which launched the group to prominence and Shelter From The Norm (1983) with album cover art by renowned designer Michael Cronan. These albums are still relevant and much sought after today.

The Tim Ware Group helped define the emerging genre of "New Acoustic Music", a genre blending influences from bluegrass, jazz, and international folk traditions using only acoustic instruments. Ware is also a notable artist linked to the genre of "Chamber Jazz".
Chamber jazz is a genre of jazz based around small, acoustic-based ensembles where group interplay is important. It is influenced aesthetically by musical neoclassicism and is often influenced by classical forms of non-Western music.... It is also noted for using instruments not normally associated with jazz. For example, chamber jazz will make use of the oboe, mandolin, cymbalum, or the tabla.

The non-Western influences or instrumentation make chamber jazz at times listed as a kind of world music. At other times the fusion of neoclassical with jazz is deemed to be New Age and several albums of chamber jazz were released by Windham Hill Records. Windham Hill itself was co-founded by a musician linked to chamber jazz and was initially known for folk or world music.
-- Wikipedia

Music License: All Rights Reserved
Image: Press photo of The Tim Ware Group, c. 1980
Artist Location: California, USA

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