28 June 2013

Powerful Jazz from Dave Chisholm

Trumpeter Dave Chisholm and the cats who make up his combo performed two nights at Kilbourn Hall at the Eastman School of Music. Both performances  were professionally multi-track recorded and sound great, so Chisholm figured, "Why not put them out as a free double album for everybody to enjoy!?"

You'll be glad for his thinking, too. The first night is a mix of originals and standards, and the second night is all Charles Mingus. The band played hard and beautifully. Two Nights at Kilbourn Hall is a real gem of a recording.

Hats off to Dave Chisholm, trumpet; Colin Gordon, alto sax; Nick Weiser, piano; Ben Thomas, bass; Aaron Staebell and Jeff Kohl, drums; Mike Conrad, trombone; and Katie Ernst, voice.

There is an added treat there for you, too. You will find an additional free album by the group John Henry titled, Loud Set, that will knock your socks off, too. The group features Dave Chisholm, trumpet; David Halliday, tenor sax; Joe Chisholm, trombone; Derek Howa, Rhodes; Will Lovell, bass; and Steve Lyman, drums. Pow!

Music License: © All Rights Reserved
Image: Dave Chisholm by Darrian Amaker
Artist Location: Rochester, New York, USA


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