10 June 2013

Freeway Audio's Zamalek Soundtrack

Several years ago, Oddio shared the news that Test Pressing shared four tracks by Freeway Audio (Jil Christensen, Stephen Levitin). Those tracks bear sharing on Blogio.

Test Pressing writes that Jil Christensen "studied at the New England Conservatory, wrote a piece for the American Symphony Orchestra, scored an opera, plays in a jazz ensemble, lives in North Carolina and makes modern classical music influenced by the likes of John Cage."

The four Freeway Audio tracks Christensen shared are from the Zamalek original soundtrack she produced. The first of which, "Maadi", features vocals from Yazarah, a singer who has worked with artists such as Erykah Badu.

Music License: assume © All Rights Reserved
Image: from original Test Pressing post
Artist Location: Sweden?

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