06 June 2013

Discount Hi-Fi, Friends Making Music

Discount Hi-Fi is or was a business in the Porter District of Gainesville, Florida, USA.
Discount Hi-Fi is also the name of a band in the same town. Discount Hi-Fi is an album by the Melodicans, also of Gainesville, and made up of some of the same friends as the band Discount Hi-Fi. It is also the name of an album by fellow Florida band Honey Chamber.

The Letter by Discount Hi-Fi is an album of melodic pop rock. This is the fun album that had the Oddio Team digging for more information.

Meanwhile, Discount Hi-Fi by the Melodicans is an album of reggae tinted pop songs.

Cheers to all the musician friends who make this music together.

Music License: Both albums © All Rights Reserved
Image: Discount Hi Fi, Gainesville, FL by Samfeltus
Artist Location: Gainesville, Florida, USA

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