31 December 2005

Happy New Year! part 5

Ageema New Year's Release. Silly stuff for you: Textile God of Sweden - Musik för Dig. Wonder how long that one will be up there. Not everyone's cup of _insertyourdrinkofchoicehere_ but there is a remote risk chance you just might like it. Need to set up some download page for the ageema catalogue as soon as possible. For now you can get some of the 2005 releases in this directory. - Lukas Nystrand [skylined.org / ageema / ikioma]

Cinema Volta begins a new year of creating ambient music almost daily and sharing it with the world. Musician John Maxwell Hobbs rings in the new year with studies in harmonized delays for guitar and piano. [blog / podcast]

Happy New Year! part 4

Zum Geburtstag von Moritz R und Frank F has just been released on WM Recordings, the offshoot free netlabel of WeirdoMusic.com

The release celebrates the recent birthdays of two members of the band Der Plan, Moritz and Frank. This birthday project is composed of tracks by friends and colleagues of Moritz and Frank, and was organized by long-time fan, collector and WM Recordings artist Werner Popp. More about Der Plan by Peter Schaefer of allmusic.com, the free online music encyclopedia:

"One of the founders of synth pop, Der Plan were mainstays of the music underground of Germany in the 1980s. Singing almost exclusively in German, they inspired a countless number of like-minded groups as part of the Neue Deutsche Welle (German New Wave) scene. Inspired by the synthetic beats of Kraftwerk and the quirky styles of the Residents [fellas I used to work for -k.], Der Plan created a unique blend of electronics, pop music, and surrealism.

"Kurt "Pyrolator" Dahlke left D.A.F. after their first LP and formed Der Plan with Frank Fenstermacher and Moritz "RRR" Reichelt [the birthday boys]. While many German underground acts were playing derivative Sex Pistols-inspired punk, Der Plan aligned themselves with predecessors such as Kraftwerk to focus on the use of electronics in pop music. In 1980, they released Geri Reig, a strong debut with an off-kilter pop sensibility and innovative use of electronics. Though never receiving much chart success, Der Plan developed a strong cult following. However, they did manage to crack the German Top 40 with their 1980 single Da Vorne Steht Ne Ampel. Der Plan continued to grow artistically by incorporating innovative rhythms into their songs with their second full-length Normalette Surprise.

"Der Plan continued to perform and release music throughout the 1980s and early '90s, though never equaling the strength of their early material. Their record label, Ata Tak, released some of the most innovative electronic music coming out of Germany during the 1980s and '90s. They were responsible for releases by artists such as D.A.F., Andreas Dorau, Holger Hiller, Oval, and Wirtschaftswunder. Der Plan called it quits in 1992, but Frank Fenstermacher and Kurt Dahlke formed A Certain Frank, releasing a full-length on Ata Tak in 1996."

Happy New Year! part 3

a little new year treat from OddioOverplay.com [link expired]

Happy New Year! part 2

Comfort Stand presents a compilation of versions of that old traditional Scottish tune that signifies and celebrates a new year, Auld Lang Syne released today, New Year's Eve 2005!

We decided to celebrate the changing of the year by asking artists from all over the world to take the song most associated in people's minds with New Years Eve (the old Scottish song 'Auld Lang Syne'), and to provide their interpretations of the tune. Our new compilation release "Auld Lang Syne' is the result of that invitation!
Click here to listen in...

Happy New Year! part 1

On WFMU...

"Don't miss Rex's ALL BOOZE SONGS edition of Fool's Paradise on December 31st at noon. The program with feature three broadcast hours of booze songs from the unsung heroes of rock 'n roll. 'Gin, Gin, Gin', 'Rhythm and Booze', 'She's a Wino', "Last Call For Alcohol" and many other odes to the over-served will be presented. Get an early start on New Year's Eve with double shots of 50s RnB, Blues, and Rockabilly along with vintage radio ads for Pink Pussy Cat Wine and more. Drink up! The end is near!"

23 December 2005

Christmas CD

Ton Rückert presentsTon Rückert presents LET'S MAKE A BABY KING, a Christmas CD. -- NO LONGER AVAILABLE. --

Other Ton Rückert projects include Numerology [concept, production, music, artwork] and Water, Wind, and Sails [music] both found on WM Recordings. Ton is also a Comfort Stand recording artist, and created a great tune on the Oddio Overplay compilation.

Mele Kalikimaka

Happy Holidays from Oddio Overplay. Click your way through an audio card.

Here's hoping you enjoy the season, whether you celebrate holidays or not! Nearly all of the seasonal traditions for this time of year are based on earlier cultures, such as Roman [Saturnalia] and Pagan [Yule Tide]. No kidding - decorated trees, wreaths, mulled wine, the works. So what if you don't celebrate one of the religious holy days? Here's hoping everyone has fun and celebrates their season their way. You lucky friends in the Southern Hemisphere, enjoy that summer, too! Cheers to all!

22 December 2005

Gifts by Mail, part 2

Here is another sampling of the cool stuff folks have sent to the ole inbox.

:: Twink released a new record last month called The Broken Record, and you can hear tracks from it on his site. Less toy piano, and more Bran Flakes this time around.

:: WM Recordings presents Nambavan - Sex, Drugs, and Russian Girls [WM031] and Sid Peacock - You Can't Buy Everything Forever [WM030]

:: Psilodump - The Night I Lost You All You All, his latest released only yesterday

:: Ernie (Not Bert) is sharing tons of xmas music

:: Fedora Corpse Recordings, mostly improvised noise, some weird rock and avant garde free-jazz material

:: thetiler (Bill Furner) plays and composes on the acoustical guitar

:: Vocode Electro Showcases help you get your breakdance on, yo.

:: Interjamp radio show, broadcasting on FSK 93.0 in Hamburg, Germany made an hour-long mix of netlabel Hippocamp tracks [hippocamp.net]

:: "Pinkpube is an independent amateur netlabel offering a home for Maltese artists. Stylistic versatility is a central tenet, although much of the music offered has an experimental edge. Influences are numerous, ranging from early industrial, ambient, musique concrete, electronica, noise, minimalism and also art movements like DADAism, Futurism and Surrealism."

21 December 2005

Afternoon Delight

Interupting your day to bring you these gems currently in play here

:: Lloyd Rogers - 12 albums [via Free Albums Galore]

:: Malaventura tunes and videos

:: Bricolage - Soundsystem playlist

:: mkc - Top 100 2005 playlist

:: LIVE: Shirley & Spinoza archives shares shows in several formats. Latest shows include a Blevin Blectum live program!

:: Maximum RocknRoll Radio Anarchives has lots of shows for you, too. The Link Wray tribute in Show 961 features my favorite Wray cover, The Milkshakes - Run Chicken Run.

:: Lady Bombon Vs. Gigaboy - Stereo-Sonico [CSR062]

:: Kukla, Fran & Ollie holiday LP at Your Pal Doug's place

:: Leoš Janáček, String Quartet 1, "Kreutzer" (1923) performed by the Kuttner String Quartet [also via Free Albums Galore]

07 December 2005

Free Trip to San Francisco Bay

UB Radio and Shirley & Spinoza have been having fun putting together live programs the first Sunday of each month. There is plenty of photographic evidence of this excitement. The audio evidence is archived, as well. The two combined equal a free trip to the San Fran Bay for evenings of sound joy surrounded by artists.

December's show featured string instruments. Me, I'm a nut for experimental strings, so this is one of my favorite UB Radio shows. November's show featured water, another great sound source. You should see those pics of their lab apparati. My dream lab concept is revised.

06 December 2005

Gogol Bordello

Gogol Bordello are insane live. Seven weeks later and I still have bruises from that amazing show. NYC's finest Ukrainian-American-Russian-Israeli punk boys are still touring and the shows are legendary. Check them out! You have to see the girls - oh wow, the girls!

:: Gogol Bordello - Occurence on the Border
[for years in the Oddio Overplay Showcase Vol 4 - Red Army Favorites]

:: More songs on the Gogol Bordello site

:: Lots of great press and pics on their blog now. Example 1, Example 2

Anyone see them on Conan?

03 December 2005

Work Song From Postal Employees in Ghana

Station Manager Ken of WFMU posted on the WFMU blog "a beautiful little work song created by four postal employees who were recorded as they canceled stamps at the University of Ghana post office in 1975."

Read his post and enjoy the song. Below is information about the recording from a textbook by Jeff Todd Tilton.

postal ghana

Winter Cheer

Okay, so the last post was seriously anti-Winter. What can I say? I'm looking forward to warmth in the sun.

Perhaps you would prefer some warm Winter cheer? Here ya go!

:: Winter Wonderland, a delicious selection of more than 50 timely tunes that I chose just for you, dear webpals

:: Last year's fun posts of activities and music celebrating Winter
      December Brings Winter Music v1
      December Brings Winter Music v2
      December Brings Winter Music v3

Come on over, friends! We can cut out paper snowflakes. It is actually getting warmer outside, and we are now up to 23°F (-5°C). I've got cocoa on the stove and a pot of hot spiced deliciousness brewing. We'll try to keep warm together.

Clann Zú - Words for Snow

Winter is pressing down here again. This is my last cold winter. The winters are over; the ancestors fled "zemlya bolshikh vozmozhnoctye," and Stalin, and all the cold forever. No more cold.

Clann Zú - Words for Snow [mirror]
official site, label site

And nothing here is safe, and nothing here is sacred...

And as the night fell... he sat shaking uncontrollably by the window looking over the pestilent street.

And he cried out, "For christ's sake help me! For christ's sake get me out of here! God of all sick things, get me the fuck out of here!"