14 December 2005

Gifts by Mail

Here is a sampling of the cool stuff folks have sent to the ole inbox.

:: OP3N is a mixtape netlabel! The mixmaster Chenard Walcker is already there and sporting a remix of the theme for OddioOverplay.com by the marvelous The Apartment and a video.

:: New releases at Ndorphin Records

:: Fanny Alger releases new album with 14 brand spanking new songs! Stream four of the new songs! This is a sneak peek for fans.

:: The Party Party wishes you well with "Happy RxMas and a Whole Lotta Love"

:: The Slipping Sea has a new URL and new music!

:: Middle Eastern free music source Mazika has a new radio station, Nogoum FM

:: Quantz has new fan songs

:: Lay-Z Boi, Lay-Z Music for LayZ-E Times

:: Nicron has new noise

More news to come!

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