21 December 2005

Afternoon Delight

Interupting your day to bring you these gems currently in play here

:: Lloyd Rogers - 12 albums [via Free Albums Galore]

:: Malaventura tunes and videos

:: Bricolage - Soundsystem playlist

:: mkc - Top 100 2005 playlist

:: LIVE: Shirley & Spinoza archives shares shows in several formats. Latest shows include a Blevin Blectum live program!

:: Maximum RocknRoll Radio Anarchives has lots of shows for you, too. The Link Wray tribute in Show 961 features my favorite Wray cover, The Milkshakes - Run Chicken Run.

:: Lady Bombon Vs. Gigaboy - Stereo-Sonico [CSR062]

:: Kukla, Fran & Ollie holiday LP at Your Pal Doug's place

:: Leoš Janáček, String Quartet 1, "Kreutzer" (1923) performed by the Kuttner String Quartet [also via Free Albums Galore]


  1. interesting that you credit that free albums galore blog when almost everything posted there appeared on your oddio overplay website over the last few years.

    that blog is practically a rehashing of your super sounds pages.

  2. I appreciate your love, but I disagree with your sentiment. I like Free Albums Galore. Isn't it great that they are also giving these artists exposure? This isn't a contest; it is a community. I even suggested they feature the artists shown at Oddio.

    Here's to the music and the artists who share it! I hope everyone talks about and supports these remarkable musicians.


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