22 December 2005

Gifts by Mail, part 2

Here is another sampling of the cool stuff folks have sent to the ole inbox.

:: Twink released a new record last month called The Broken Record, and you can hear tracks from it on his site. Less toy piano, and more Bran Flakes this time around.

:: WM Recordings presents Nambavan - Sex, Drugs, and Russian Girls [WM031] and Sid Peacock - You Can't Buy Everything Forever [WM030]

:: Psilodump - The Night I Lost You All You All, his latest released only yesterday

:: Ernie (Not Bert) is sharing tons of xmas music

:: Fedora Corpse Recordings, mostly improvised noise, some weird rock and avant garde free-jazz material

:: thetiler (Bill Furner) plays and composes on the acoustical guitar

:: Vocode Electro Showcases help you get your breakdance on, yo.

:: Interjamp radio show, broadcasting on FSK 93.0 in Hamburg, Germany made an hour-long mix of netlabel Hippocamp tracks [hippocamp.net]

:: "Pinkpube is an independent amateur netlabel offering a home for Maltese artists. Stylistic versatility is a central tenet, although much of the music offered has an experimental edge. Influences are numerous, ranging from early industrial, ambient, musique concrete, electronica, noise, minimalism and also art movements like DADAism, Futurism and Surrealism."

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