03 December 2005

Clann Zú - Words for Snow

Winter is pressing down here again. This is my last cold winter. The winters are over; the ancestors fled "zemlya bolshikh vozmozhnoctye," and Stalin, and all the cold forever. No more cold.

Clann Zú - Words for Snow [mirror]
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And nothing here is safe, and nothing here is sacred...

And as the night fell... he sat shaking uncontrollably by the window looking over the pestilent street.

And he cried out, "For christ's sake help me! For christ's sake get me out of here! God of all sick things, get me the fuck out of here!"

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  1. Coasted in to the office this morning on top of the new six or so inches of snow. All the cars were sliding and careening around out there. Lemme tell ya, I will not miss this. Three calls to emergency services on the way down from VT to NY at Thanksgiving for other vehicles off in the trees or down embankments.

    As this storm hit the NE yesterday, heating energy prices skyrocketed, too. I'm leaving.


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