03 December 2005

Winter Cheer

Okay, so the last post was seriously anti-Winter. What can I say? I'm looking forward to warmth in the sun.

Perhaps you would prefer some warm Winter cheer? Here ya go!

:: Winter Wonderland, a delicious selection of more than 50 timely tunes that I chose just for you, dear webpals

:: Last year's fun posts of activities and music celebrating Winter
      December Brings Winter Music v1
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Come on over, friends! We can cut out paper snowflakes. It is actually getting warmer outside, and we are now up to 23°F (-5°C). I've got cocoa on the stove and a pot of hot spiced deliciousness brewing. We'll try to keep warm together.


  1. Hand me a cup of warm Cocoa, will you! I'm frozen too...

  2. Are you far enough south in Scandinavia that you at least still have sunshine all winter? I sure hope so! Magnus' town lights up a giant straw goat to keep warm. Brrr - I'll keep the cocoa coming.

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  4. Axel, you know moloko in Russian is milk? Readers, his blog is here: Indie for Dummies, and the contest is here: Music Blog Survey

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  6. *blushing* (But red is good this time of the season....)


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