25 September 2005

NeighborHood Bass Coalition

Shirley & Spinoza
September 25th 2005 8-10pm
LIVE from the s&S studio
NeighborHood Bass Coalition present
"Shopping Tips For A Fallen World"

The Neighborhood Bass Coalition (featuring Big City Orchestra currents & alumni) will be in the Shirley and Spinoza radio studios piloting a steady 2 hour - credit card swiping, PIN punching, rhythm & noise, blue-light special wash to happily fill your shopping carts to. "Shopping Tips For A Fallen World" so sit back, tune in, and avoid panic buying...

Have you checked out the new BCO release on the Lost Frog netlabel in Japan, titled Things Fall Down? You'll also want to check out their official website, Ubuibi, for more releases, and fall in love with their charming Comfort Stand release.

Tune in now to Shirley and Spinoza Internet Radio!

22 September 2005

You Got a Lotta Nerve

R. Stevie Moore's rendition of the Bob Dylan classic "Positively 4th Street" has been streaming off and on in my head since Irwin Chusid played it on his show back in July. His upbeat version of this downer song is simply contagious! Little did I know the mp3 is available on RSM's site. Did you know R. Stevie Moore has an entire download section? How did I miss that? Guess I was more caught up in the whole history of his cult hero status.

Here is one of my most beloved and most quoted [almost daily] RSM tunes, and you can download that whole release from Comfort Stand Recordings!

R. Stevie Moore - Records [1977]
"Hey, why's everybody watching TV? I got some records, people!"

21 September 2005

Quiet City

Exciting News!

"Quiet City: Radio In Hi-Fi" Premieres Tonight on LuxuriaMusic.com!

Tonight, LuxuriaMusic will broadcast the opening installment of a new program hosted by Jack Fetterman along with Peter Principle (of Tuxedomoon) entitled Quiet City: Radio In Hi-Fi. The show will broadcast on the third Wednesday of each month at 8PM EST. Tune in!

The show grew from In Hi-Fi, the club night in New York City. The format is a two-hour program consisting of four half hour sets from a rotating cartel of vinyl archeologists, specializing in Evocative Music.

In 1996, Jack Fetterman [mp3] and Scott Springer created the In Hi-Fi party at Bar d'O in New York City. Soon regular guest DJs Anita (the Meat Mistress) Serwacki and Peter Principle (of Tuxedomoon) became an integral part of the concept. Their list of guests included Combustible Edison's The Millionaire and Brother Cleve [mp3], Irwin Chusid, Joseph Lanza, Ashley Warren, The Karminskys, Arling & Cameron [listen], the Easy Alohas, The B+M DJs, Le Hammond Inferno, DJ Lucien, Jonny Perl (of Misty Roses [mp3]), The Maxwell Implosion, DJ Jimmy Botticelli, Chuck Kelley, Dennis Kelley, Gaylord Fields, Michelle Boule, David Garland, Ursula 1000, DJ Franco and DJ Otefsu.

Dig some old 2001 In Hi-Fi flyers

Tonight's show will feature sets by
Jack Fetterman,
Peter Principle,
Anita (the Meat Mistress) Serwacki,
and Joe Flynn.

Quiet City
Evocative mood music
8-10PM EST / 5-7PM PST
3rd Wednesday of each month

17 September 2005

Murder On Moth Mountain!

Shirley & Spinoza
September 18th 2005, 8PM PST [11PM EST]
LIVE from the s&S studios
presenting "Murder On Moth Mountain!"

Blevin Blectum, Lesser, and The Royal Oakland Gramophone Company join together to bring you an all expenses paid, luxury 2 hour vacation at the scenic, s&S alpine hideaway.

Tune in for a slice of good moth-country folk sounds, exploding stills, mystery, moider and noise.

8pm Pacific Time (Oakland)
11pm Eastern Time
12am Brazil/Argentina
5am W. Europe
6am E. Europe
4am UK
9am W. Australia
11am E. Australia

Tune in to Shirley and Spinoza Internet Radio now!

12 September 2005

10 September 2005

The Establishment

Yesterday buMp of Defective Records passed on word about a site hosting selections from the discography of British comic actor Peter Cook [stabbers.org]. If you haven't heard Cook's records, you are in for a laugh!

The Establishment from the Peter Cook Appreciation Society

09 September 2005

The Meditacia

The Meditacia site in Slovakia, operated by Sasha Pueblo, features authentic recordings of the folk music of indigenous peoples. Unfortunately, there are no details about the recordings, such as which nations and tribes are depicted. Still, it is refreshing to hear these sets.

+ African 1
+ African 2
+ African 3
+ African Drumming
+ Australian Aboriginal
+ Canadian Inuit
+ A Strange Mix of Many Cultures

Pueblo also hosts recordings of natural sounds, zvuky prirody.
+ Natural Sounds set 1
+ Natural Sounds set 2
+ Natural Sounds set 3
+ Animal Sounds

El Horreo, FrancisJay, Fredo Viola, Manu Chao

Got a recommendation for El Horreo from Francis, and busted out laughing when this page loaded. I like all the bold colors and cool images of the site. Thanks, Francis!

Francis wrote:

I have a recommendation for you; it's an Argentinean band called El Horreo, who I heard by accident when I was in Buenos Aires. I never heard anything like they in South America. They are a bit odd and very pleasant listening.

Here are some El Horreo tunes. There are plenty more on their colorful and happy website. Check out their site. Cute Argentinian boys!

~ El Horreo - Primero Uno ~
~ El Horreo - Fondo De Omar ~
~ El Horreo - Te embarazo ~
~ El Horreo - Por Otro Dia ~
~ El Horreo - Y Si Estoy ~

To my ears, Francis' work is more pleasurable. You can stream or download his work at his Soundclick site. I love "La Hija del Diablo." His tune "Yayara" brings Fredo Viola to mind, and "Barrientos" has a fun Manu Chao flavor. I may be far off, but those are the alignments my head came up with just now. Enjoy!

08 September 2005

The Eye Is Never Filled

Ken Nordine's first DVD has arrived! Always busy, always creating--you'll never find any dust gathering on this man. Now he's prepared a veritable verbal banquet for the ears and the eyes:

"About the DVD..."the eye is never filled" took almost three years to put together, it's a compilation of word jazz in morphing pictures. My happy addiction has kept me click clacking on this keyboard for all that focused time, mousing about inside the intricacies of vector math that Artmatic, Vtrack and Voyager ... nifty software to help anyone who wants to to distort, warp and woof the xyz, a new way to have the millions of pixels, I think of it as molecules moving morphing in still pictures."
See screenshot from "Hamlet Does The Blues":The Lady Jane

[software links: Artmatic, Vtrack
and Voyager]

At Ken's site you can listen to the Word Jazz radio show, updated weekly. Hungry for more? Head to the archives!
There's also lots of Nordine goodness at mp3.com and allmusic.com.

07 September 2005

Arctic Sounds

Pine Lake Films made a lovely, instrumental short film titled Alaska, so you may experience the beauty and granduer of Alaska. [04:05 min]

:: stream the sounds in this post ::

"What would America gain by allowing heavy industry into the the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge? Very little. Oil from the refuge would hardly make a dent in our dependence on foreign imports -- leaving our economy and way of life just as exposed to wild swings in worldwide oil prices and supply as it is today. The truth is, we simply can't drill our way to energy independence.

"Although drilling proponents often say there are 16 billion barrels of oil under the refuge's coastal plain, the U.S. Geological Service's estimate of the amount that could be recovered economically -- that is, the amount likely to be profitably extracted and sold -- represents less than a year's U.S. supply.

"It would take 10 years for any Arctic Refuge oil to reach the market, and even when production peaks -- in the distant year of 2027 -- the refuge would produce a paltry 1 or 2 percent of Americans' daily consumption. Whatever oil the refuge might produce is simply irrelevant to the larger issue of meeting America's future energy needs."

source: Natural Resources Defense Council

Arctic Refuge 101 Factsheets | Take Action | Video | Slideshow | Damage Map pdf | Arctic Refuge Action Day site | Natural Resources Defense Council | Fast Facts

Oil produced from the Arctic Refuge would come at enormous, and irreversible, cost. The refuge is among the world's last true wildernesses, and it is one of the largest sanctuaries for Arctic animals. Traversed by a dozen rivers and framed by jagged peaks, this spectacular wilderness is a vital birthing ground for polar bears, grizzlies, Arctic wolves, caribou and the endangered shaggy musk ox, a mammoth-like survivor of the last Ice Age.

:: Arctic Loons [SoundDogs]
:: Kevin Pierce - Alaska Tourism ad [official site]
:: Tony Sawyer - Alaska excerpt [Red River Country]

Why destroy America's foremost wildlife refuge for less oil than we consume in a single year?

:: Arctic Science Journeys - Big Oil, Big Whales, Big Trouble [Alaska Sea Grant]
:: Armonite [Italy] - Inuit excerpt [official site]
:: Arctic - Someone Turning [official site]

Please take a minute to click here to send a letter to the US Congress. There is even a prewritten letter option, if you are in a hurry.

:: Inuit Women Talking [Canada's National Inuit Org.]
:: Canada Inuit Games and Songs - Hamma Katajjait [Meditacia.sk]
:: Inuit Shaman Chant [Prof. Dr. Francisco Diez de Velasco]
:: Garritan Orchestral Strings - Arctic Caverns [official site]

With Congress about to decide the fate of the Arctic Refuge, environmental and grassroots groups have organized a massive rally in Washington, DC on September 20, 2005. More info at the Arctic Refuge Action Day website.

:: Goodyear Tire ad for Ultragrip Ice Radials [Goodyear
:: Curtis Eller's American Circus - Alaska [official site]
:: Chandelle - Alaska [official site]
:: Eyes Adrift - Alaska [SpinART Records]

Here is Robert Redford's letter to Americans regarding rescuing the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

:: Alaska Public Radio Network - Dena'ina Language Institute [Alaska Native Language Center]
:: Wayne Hancock - North To Alaska live [Internet Archive]
:: Chris Collins - Alaska [official site]

Due to the extreme cold, short growing season and nutrient-poor soils, Arctic vegetation is extremely fragile. Plant communities scarred by bulldozer tracks, oil spills and other human activities can take decades to recover.

:: Clarence Birdseye's Alaska [UpBeet]
:: Phoenx [Germany] - Quinn the Eskimo, Part II [official site]
:: Kanda - Arctic [Boptart]

At least five species of marine mammals live in or near the Beaufort Sea along the coastal plain's northern edge. These include spotted seals, ringed seals, bearded seals, beluga whales and endangered bowhead whales.

Arctic Refuge 101 Factsheets | Take Action | Video | Slideshow | Damage Map pdf | Arctic Refuge Action Day site | Natural Resources Defense Council | Fast Facts

06 September 2005

Bargains Galore in Our Store

GOOD NEWS! A very kind reader uploaded the lot to YouSendIt.com. You can download it here. I also uploaded a set of advertisements you might enjoy. You can grab those here [22mb].

original message:

Did you happen to catch this cool collection of store promos from Malls of America? Even I love that marvy blog, and I hate shopping. So shoppers are in for a real treat!

I didn't have any luck downloading the collection of shopping promos, and would love to hear it. If you did catch it, let's talk trades? Thanks! You can still enjoy the Kresge record I host at Oddio Overplay, and a memory chest's worth of shopping nostalgia at Malls of America.

Pals in NYC and Jersey, and especially Exoticats, will love Malls of America's pics of Cherry Hill. No way! That was all tiki and cool once upon a time? Wow, baby!

05 September 2005

Labor Day

The first Monday of September is Labor Day in the United States of America. The US Department of Labor provides a history of the holiday.

The Making Contact weekly international radio program addresses the holiday in today's show.

For most, Labor Day is just another national holiday - a day off from work, time to spend with families and friends. The beaches and parks are packed and the roads congested, as everyone says goodbye to another summer gone by.

But on this edition of Making Contact, we focus on the root of this American holiday: the contemporary condition of American labor.

Includes: Day laborers and discrimination in Seattle, WA; the recent AFL-CIO rift; music and labor activism.

Daze of Labor, Days of Change
- Download 128k mp3 (broadcast quality)
- Download 64k mp3 (faster download)
- Download :59 promo (mp3)
- Order CD/Tape of this show [#35-05]

More shows about Labor

04 September 2005

The Electric Flea Circus

uB Radio

LIVE: webcast on Shirley & Spinoza Internet Radio

The studio security force has been instructed to keep all foggers sheathed this evening - while the kids of uB Radio (Big City Orchestra) and part-time pests jointly present:
The Electric Flea Circus!
(Everything's So Small, You Can Barely Hear It At All)

Tonight at: 8pm [Pacific] / 11pm [Eastern]

8pm Pacific Time (Oakland)
11pm Eastern Time
12 am Brazil/Argentina
5am W. Europe...
6am E. Europe...
4am UK
9am W. Australia
11am E. Australia
(wishful thinking)

protective collars to be sent to listeners upon stream linkup...

02 September 2005

Al Hazan, songwriter

Al Hazan's songs were performed in the 1950s, 60s, and 70s by The Beau Brummels, The Bell Sisters, The Chantrells, Johnny Crawford, Wanda Jackson (the Queen of Rockabilly), Jack Nitzsche, The Starr Sisters, Pep Torres, Ritchie Valens, and plenty of others. Al Hazan performed as B. Bumble, Al Anthony, Ali Hassan, and Dudley Duncan. On top of all that, Hazan was also a producer.

You'll be impressed when you read all about him on his site, AlHazan.com, and find yourself dancing when enjoying the 151 tracks shared in his discography.