06 September 2005

Bargains Galore in Our Store

GOOD NEWS! A very kind reader uploaded the lot to YouSendIt.com. You can download it here. I also uploaded a set of advertisements you might enjoy. You can grab those here [22mb].

original message:

Did you happen to catch this cool collection of store promos from Malls of America? Even I love that marvy blog, and I hate shopping. So shoppers are in for a real treat!

I didn't have any luck downloading the collection of shopping promos, and would love to hear it. If you did catch it, let's talk trades? Thanks! You can still enjoy the Kresge record I host at Oddio Overplay, and a memory chest's worth of shopping nostalgia at Malls of America.

Pals in NYC and Jersey, and especially Exoticats, will love Malls of America's pics of Cherry Hill. No way! That was all tiki and cool once upon a time? Wow, baby!

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