08 September 2005

The Eye Is Never Filled

Ken Nordine's first DVD has arrived! Always busy, always creating--you'll never find any dust gathering on this man. Now he's prepared a veritable verbal banquet for the ears and the eyes:

"About the DVD..."the eye is never filled" took almost three years to put together, it's a compilation of word jazz in morphing pictures. My happy addiction has kept me click clacking on this keyboard for all that focused time, mousing about inside the intricacies of vector math that Artmatic, Vtrack and Voyager ... nifty software to help anyone who wants to to distort, warp and woof the xyz, a new way to have the millions of pixels, I think of it as molecules moving morphing in still pictures."
See screenshot from "Hamlet Does The Blues":The Lady Jane

[software links: Artmatic, Vtrack
and Voyager]

At Ken's site you can listen to the Word Jazz radio show, updated weekly. Hungry for more? Head to the archives!
There's also lots of Nordine goodness at mp3.com and allmusic.com.

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