22 September 2005

You Got a Lotta Nerve

R. Stevie Moore's rendition of the Bob Dylan classic "Positively 4th Street" has been streaming off and on in my head since Irwin Chusid played it on his show back in July. His upbeat version of this downer song is simply contagious! Little did I know the mp3 is available on RSM's site. Did you know R. Stevie Moore has an entire download section? How did I miss that? Guess I was more caught up in the whole history of his cult hero status.

Here is one of my most beloved and most quoted [almost daily] RSM tunes, and you can download that whole release from Comfort Stand Recordings!

R. Stevie Moore - Records [1977]
"Hey, why's everybody watching TV? I got some records, people!"


  1. This is awesome! Thanks for posting this, especially "Records", my new favorite song. "Records are so much, records are second to none" - I second that! "Somebody put on an album."

  2. Yeah! Isn't RSM quirky fun? Every line in "Records" is quoted here. Love it!

    Cool to see you! Dig your blog. Happy when I see my subscription line to your blog lit up!

  3. He is undeniably fun. I had heard of him previous to seeing your post, but never listened to him. It's happy-ning, man!

    Thanks for the kind words! Your blog (as well as Oddio Overplay) is toppermost of the poppermost!

  4. You realize that you have TWO posts in a row linked to Irwin Chusid? What? That guy sucks

  5. What is the matter with you? Irwin Chusid is fabulous.


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