09 September 2005

El Horreo, FrancisJay, Fredo Viola, Manu Chao

Got a recommendation for El Horreo from Francis, and busted out laughing when this page loaded. I like all the bold colors and cool images of the site. Thanks, Francis!

Francis wrote:

I have a recommendation for you; it's an Argentinean band called El Horreo, who I heard by accident when I was in Buenos Aires. I never heard anything like they in South America. They are a bit odd and very pleasant listening.

Here are some El Horreo tunes. There are plenty more on their colorful and happy website. Check out their site. Cute Argentinian boys!

~ El Horreo - Primero Uno ~
~ El Horreo - Fondo De Omar ~
~ El Horreo - Te embarazo ~
~ El Horreo - Por Otro Dia ~
~ El Horreo - Y Si Estoy ~

To my ears, Francis' work is more pleasurable. You can stream or download his work at his Soundclick site. I love "La Hija del Diablo." His tune "Yayara" brings Fredo Viola to mind, and "Barrientos" has a fun Manu Chao flavor. I may be far off, but those are the alignments my head came up with just now. Enjoy!

1 comment:

  1. Followup correspondence:

    katya writes:
    Hello Francis,
    Are you a member of El Horreo? Thank you for recommending them....

    francis writes:
    Hello Katya,
    I'm really pleased you like the music. Unfortunately, I am a member of El Horreo - I'm Francis Jay. Sorry about the small lie....



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