25 September 2005

NeighborHood Bass Coalition

Shirley & Spinoza
September 25th 2005 8-10pm
LIVE from the s&S studio
NeighborHood Bass Coalition present
"Shopping Tips For A Fallen World"

The Neighborhood Bass Coalition (featuring Big City Orchestra currents & alumni) will be in the Shirley and Spinoza radio studios piloting a steady 2 hour - credit card swiping, PIN punching, rhythm & noise, blue-light special wash to happily fill your shopping carts to. "Shopping Tips For A Fallen World" so sit back, tune in, and avoid panic buying...

Have you checked out the new BCO release on the Lost Frog netlabel in Japan, titled Things Fall Down? You'll also want to check out their official website, Ubuibi, for more releases, and fall in love with their charming Comfort Stand release.

Tune in now to Shirley and Spinoza Internet Radio!


  1. how do you listen to this station? sounds cool but does it work with windows media player? it would be seet to stream this at work. PLS files don't seem to make sense to the media player. any help?

  2. winamp, itunes, realplayer all will work fine
    if you have iTunes, you can find shirley & spinoza listed in the built in radio directory...under "eclectic"

    or, you can just click on the 'listen" button on the s&S page. the stream open up in the appropriate app.

    if this fails, try any of the above players, choose 'open stream' and enter this address:

    hope this works!

    -fausto (of s&S)


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