30 August 2005

Tom Tipunk Records

Tom Tipunk Records, operated by Die Intellektronische Biparietal Projekt, known as dipb, is the featured label right now at Musique-Libre.org! dipb composed and performed a piece for the Oddio site titled "Un Chaman Soliloque v1.0.1." Visit his label for other works by dipb and his labelmates.

29 August 2005

Feeling Chatty?

It's you! So, how are things? We don't chat much anymore. Yeah, with all that busy busy busy life stuff going on daily. I mean, who has the time, right? It's nice that we can take this moment right here and catch up and dish the dirt, sugar!

Hey, did you hear about Weirdomusic.com? I know, fabulous, right? They work to keep up on the vinyl sharity community, and even share their own recordings. Hell, they have found sharity folks that I have never met. Will have to mingle and add them to the Sharity Living Rooms at Oddio Overplay.

Well, darling, all I know is that Weirdomusic also has that terrific netlabel, WM Recordings. Oh, you know it? Terrific, right? Yes yes yes. Well, did you get to hear that African one? Really? There have been 5 releases since that one? Wow!

Yeah, you are so right, Comfort Stand Recordings is fabulous, too. The catalog just hit 60 releases. Believe that? The last five have come together just this Summer. Too amazing. You love it? Oh me too, honey!

I saw that Vagina Jones is coming - ha - to Comfort Stand soon. At first, I was thinking, "Eewwww! Isn't she that Scientology cult loser?!" Then I remembered that was a chick named Vaginal, Beck's mom's pal. Nope, totally different gal. This is Vagina Jones. Phew!

Scientology is just evil. They prey on people who are trying to better themselves, then pull them into the cult before they know what's happening. It's like a deadly Amway. Dreadful. Slavery, physical and mental abuse, manipulation, brain washing.

You know, how far under someone's control do you have to be to believe that 75 million years ago an alien named Xenu dumped people at volcano bases, then nuked them, only to leave their spirits to inhabit Earthling's bodies and cloud their minds in the future? Whoa. (Oh, and by the way, many of those were not volcanos yet or ever!) Totally pulled from the twisted mind of second rate sci-fi writer Hubbard, and used as a money making tool. Super powerful. Stay away from that nastiness, but please do educate yourself, because they are everywhere.

Talk about going off on a tangent. Anyway, back to pleasant things! So, the newest releases on Comfort Stand are from Big City Orchestra, Full Load Of King, Puyo Puyo, Feverdreams and the loveable Fortyone. Yay!

Was it you who told me that Michael Leigh has a new blog? It's called Boot Sale Sounds, and it features novelty and comedy stuff found at boot sales, flea markets and charity shops. Sounds like fun! Jeremy is still plugging along bringing you music every day at Fingertips. Isn't he a darling? You know it!

Zenguin? Oh yeah, Zenguin and Oddio Overplay go way back. The Zenguin family rules.

Know who else is fabulous? You! Uh oh, there's your train! If you run, you might just catch it. Hey, it was great chatting with you. Let's get together soon. Wait, you didn't tell me all the juicy bits about your new crush. What about the job? Weren't you moving soon? Drop a note, cookie! Love ya!

28 August 2005

Radio Hoof Home Repair Kit

Get Well Soon, Otis
Otis Fodder has evidently suffered quite an injury, so this week's live Shirley and Spinoza and Fodder will be minus one Fodder. Instead, the show will be a big get well card! Here is the news from Shirley and Spinoza Internet Radio:

It's that time of the month, and there ain't an Otis to be found! But, ah! A telegram has just arrived and i see that while staying in the luxury Comfort Stand executive condo, a sudden slip in the shower caused the poor guy to tumble out of the bathroom window and plunge 3 floors right onto a passing banana cart.

So, in lieu of a show WITH Fodder, tune in for a show FOR Fodder - as a web radio is sure to be on just beyond the length of his full length leg cast - we'll present essential get well material and safety tips in the:

"Radio Hoof Home Repair Kit"
Tonight at: 8pm [Pacific] / 11pm [Eastern]

8pm Pacific Time (Oakland time)
11pm Eastern Time
12 am Brazil/Argentina
5am W. Europe...
6am E. Europe...
4am UK
9am W. Australia
11am E. Australia
(wishful thinking)

uB Radio presents: The Electric Flea Circus

Remember, that for the last few months, all live Sunday webcasts have been posted for download (large files) in our archive (usually they appear a day or two afterward). they're a bit lower-fi to save server space, put perfectly suitable for the podcasting set.

27 August 2005

Saturday Morning Soundtrack

Sutemos is a Lithuanian-based netlabel specialising in mellow, melodic and minimal styles of electronic music. You might remember their popular Intelligent Toys compilations. This Saturday morning, I can recommend their Red, Green, Blue & Other Summer Feelings comp. It was perfect for the start of the day here. The sheer curtains blew into the kitchen and out onto the veranda, drawing out the smells of warm breakfast, orange juice and coffee, as well as the strains of this quiet summer soundtrack. This is not usual fare in these parts, especially considering those Dave Pell mambo records at 07:00. Still, it sparkled around the kitchen and out into the trees and made us all happy and open to the possibilities of our blossoming day. Try it with your breakfast.

Now Playing: Track 7 - Sleepy Town Manufacture - Long Time No See

Dedicated to something that can be named as a soft mixture of post/indie rock, instrumental, synth, ambient music with a sprinkle of electronic experiments. Additionally, almost all tracks will be featured by vocals. The works on this compilation started last autumn. From the very beginning we tried to concentrate on esthetics and beauty, not names. No numbers, no facts, no data - just pure and gorgeous beauty... filled with sincerity, tenderness and calmness

26 August 2005

Grease the Pan, It's Smorgasbord Sam

Al Duvall is on V/VM Test Records, and serves as further evidence that you cannot paste a category on V/VM Test. Kazoos, blues, banjos - check it out. "Smorgasbord Sam" is bordering on overplay here.

For more kazoos, remember your pals over at Ophir Prison Marching Kazoo Band.

17 August 2005

100 Light Years!

Birthday Boy! Happy 100th, Enoch LightStereo and quad sound pioneer Enoch Light was born on this day 100 years ago. This news comes from EnochLight.com. The host has organized a global party celebrating the event. Zenguin.com and OddioOverplay.com proudly present three recordings from the Enoch Light catalog.

Also joining in on the sharities are Weirdomusic.com in the Netherlands, Xtabay in Australia, Goofspot, James Dean Brown in Germany, Basic Hip Digital Oddio in the USA and Radio Fantastica in Belgium. For more info on what everyone is bringing to the party, visit EnochLight.com.

Covers are linked to zip files (compressed files) of tracks and album artwork. For more album info, such as the musicians, check out Spaced Out, the Enoch Light site.

Admiradores, Los - Bongos
[Command, 1959] 39.5MB

..side 1
Bidin' My Time
All of Me
Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
..side 2
Blue Moon
Unchained Melody
Don't Blame Me
Londonderry Air
The Very Thought of You
You and the Night and the Music
[more info via Tralfaz Archive]

Enoch Light and His Orch - Far Away Places
[Command, 1961] 37.9MB

..side 1
Waltzing Matilda
Banana Boat Song
Third Man Theme
Sunrise over Sumatra (Enoch Light/Lew Davies)
Bali Hai
..side 2
The Cockeyed Mayor of Kaunakakai
The Sundowners
Lisbon Antigua
How Are Things in Glocca Morra?
Poor People of Paris

Enoch Light and His Orch - Far Away Places vol 2
[Command, 1963] 33.8MB

..side 1
Isle of Capri
Cielito Lindo (adapted and arranged by Enoch Light and Lew Davies)
Moon of Manakoora
Wee Bit of Heather (Medley)
Flying Down to Rio
..side 2
By the River Sainte Marie
Ching Ching Ching Chow (Enoch Light, Lew Davies)
Tales from the Vienna Woods (adapted and arranged by Enoch Light and Lew Davies)
Colonel Bogey
White Cliffs of Dover
Under Paris Skies

You'll also want to visit Both Sides Now, Space Age Pop, and Spaced Out, the Enoch Light site for discographies, bios, more links, where to purchase quality CDs and more info celebrating the man and his music.

10 August 2005

Intonation Appreciation - Language as Melody

or, "Grandma, What Big Vowels You Have!"

Ladle Rat Rotten Hut What happens when a professor wants to demonstrate to his class the power of intonation? Well, how about this:

"Wants pawn term, dare worsted ladle gull hoe lift wetter murder inner ladle cordage, honor itch offer lodge dock florist. ..."

What? Doesn't make sense, you say? Ahhhhh, but listen!

07 August 2005

No, Not THAT George Clinton

George S. ClintonYou're maybe thinking Parliment and Funkadelic? No, this George Clinton is a soundtrack man. The Big Bounce, the Austin Powers movies, Beverly Hills Ninja, Mortal Kombat and a whole heck of a lot of other popular American movies feature his work. His site features mp3s of his work. I love George S. Clinton, and I didn't even know it!

uB Radio Live Tonight on Shirley and Spinoza Radio

Shirley & Spinoza
August 7th 2005, 8PM PST [11PM EST]
LIVE from the s&S studios (and the hallways in between)
uB Radio: Relax

Big City Orchestra folks present their monthly uB Radio Show. They are sure to bring you all sorts of marvelously bizarre works. You'd be a filthy little beast if you missed it, wouldn't you?

The show will be featuring the star-studded lineup of ninah pixie, bLevin bLectum, j Lesser, Dina Emerson, Jonathan Segel, dAS uB-kat, Jesse Burson, Rob ("the Real Rob Breszney") Wortman.

The uB/BCO have exciting news! They have a new release on the Lost Frog netlabel in Japan, titled Things Fall Down. If tonight's show and that fine Japanese offering are not enough to feed your BCO addiction, check out their official website, Ubuibi, for more releases, and check out their Comfort Stand release, as well [ah, how it shines]. Lordy child, they will keep your head a spinning for years to come with all that!

Tune in to Shirley and Spinoza Internet Radio now!

05 August 2005

Eye Heard That

Some sound-centric video pieces:

The Blue Flower Project - Dadaderanged musical theater, with the Weimar Band.

The Bad Livers, featuring bluegrass powered Lego animation and Beverly Hillbillies/bluegrass video mashups.

Richard Gilewitz discusses repertoire philosophy (article) and performs his Maison Blanche Exit Song (video and .mp3 links at right).

Ken Nordine waxes velvety in his own video craftwork.

Hot Hot: Django video clips.

That 1 Guy - pipe, strings, duct tape...music!