07 August 2005

uB Radio Live Tonight on Shirley and Spinoza Radio

Shirley & Spinoza
August 7th 2005, 8PM PST [11PM EST]
LIVE from the s&S studios (and the hallways in between)
uB Radio: Relax

Big City Orchestra folks present their monthly uB Radio Show. They are sure to bring you all sorts of marvelously bizarre works. You'd be a filthy little beast if you missed it, wouldn't you?

The show will be featuring the star-studded lineup of ninah pixie, bLevin bLectum, j Lesser, Dina Emerson, Jonathan Segel, dAS uB-kat, Jesse Burson, Rob ("the Real Rob Breszney") Wortman.

The uB/BCO have exciting news! They have a new release on the Lost Frog netlabel in Japan, titled Things Fall Down. If tonight's show and that fine Japanese offering are not enough to feed your BCO addiction, check out their official website, Ubuibi, for more releases, and check out their Comfort Stand release, as well [ah, how it shines]. Lordy child, they will keep your head a spinning for years to come with all that!

Tune in to Shirley and Spinoza Internet Radio now!

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