28 August 2005

Radio Hoof Home Repair Kit

Get Well Soon, Otis
Otis Fodder has evidently suffered quite an injury, so this week's live Shirley and Spinoza and Fodder will be minus one Fodder. Instead, the show will be a big get well card! Here is the news from Shirley and Spinoza Internet Radio:

It's that time of the month, and there ain't an Otis to be found! But, ah! A telegram has just arrived and i see that while staying in the luxury Comfort Stand executive condo, a sudden slip in the shower caused the poor guy to tumble out of the bathroom window and plunge 3 floors right onto a passing banana cart.

So, in lieu of a show WITH Fodder, tune in for a show FOR Fodder - as a web radio is sure to be on just beyond the length of his full length leg cast - we'll present essential get well material and safety tips in the:

"Radio Hoof Home Repair Kit"
Tonight at: 8pm [Pacific] / 11pm [Eastern]

8pm Pacific Time (Oakland time)
11pm Eastern Time
12 am Brazil/Argentina
5am W. Europe...
6am E. Europe...
4am UK
9am W. Australia
11am E. Australia
(wishful thinking)

uB Radio presents: The Electric Flea Circus

Remember, that for the last few months, all live Sunday webcasts have been posted for download (large files) in our archive (usually they appear a day or two afterward). they're a bit lower-fi to save server space, put perfectly suitable for the podcasting set.


  1. Great show! Lotsa good, healing energy!

  2. i had to download a copy of the show. it was hard to tell who was talking on some of the clips, but what a cool thing to do for a friend with a busted leg. the bone breaking sounds made me cringe!

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  4. Hee.
    Sorry - it's confusing business...these shows.
    The bone crunch was just the ole piece of celery trick. No fear...no bones were actually harmed during this webcast. Mac-robot voice was Otis's happy emails as they came in live during the show (the one that mattered most) ... Others included well wishing pals, me, not so cleverly disguised, and oh, i forget now...


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