29 August 2005

Feeling Chatty?

It's you! So, how are things? We don't chat much anymore. Yeah, with all that busy busy busy life stuff going on daily. I mean, who has the time, right? It's nice that we can take this moment right here and catch up and dish the dirt, sugar!

Hey, did you hear about Weirdomusic.com? I know, fabulous, right? They work to keep up on the vinyl sharity community, and even share their own recordings. Hell, they have found sharity folks that I have never met. Will have to mingle and add them to the Sharity Living Rooms at Oddio Overplay.

Well, darling, all I know is that Weirdomusic also has that terrific netlabel, WM Recordings. Oh, you know it? Terrific, right? Yes yes yes. Well, did you get to hear that African one? Really? There have been 5 releases since that one? Wow!

Yeah, you are so right, Comfort Stand Recordings is fabulous, too. The catalog just hit 60 releases. Believe that? The last five have come together just this Summer. Too amazing. You love it? Oh me too, honey!

I saw that Vagina Jones is coming - ha - to Comfort Stand soon. At first, I was thinking, "Eewwww! Isn't she that Scientology cult loser?!" Then I remembered that was a chick named Vaginal, Beck's mom's pal. Nope, totally different gal. This is Vagina Jones. Phew!

Scientology is just evil. They prey on people who are trying to better themselves, then pull them into the cult before they know what's happening. It's like a deadly Amway. Dreadful. Slavery, physical and mental abuse, manipulation, brain washing.

You know, how far under someone's control do you have to be to believe that 75 million years ago an alien named Xenu dumped people at volcano bases, then nuked them, only to leave their spirits to inhabit Earthling's bodies and cloud their minds in the future? Whoa. (Oh, and by the way, many of those were not volcanos yet or ever!) Totally pulled from the twisted mind of second rate sci-fi writer Hubbard, and used as a money making tool. Super powerful. Stay away from that nastiness, but please do educate yourself, because they are everywhere.

Talk about going off on a tangent. Anyway, back to pleasant things! So, the newest releases on Comfort Stand are from Big City Orchestra, Full Load Of King, Puyo Puyo, Feverdreams and the loveable Fortyone. Yay!

Was it you who told me that Michael Leigh has a new blog? It's called Boot Sale Sounds, and it features novelty and comedy stuff found at boot sales, flea markets and charity shops. Sounds like fun! Jeremy is still plugging along bringing you music every day at Fingertips. Isn't he a darling? You know it!

Zenguin? Oh yeah, Zenguin and Oddio Overplay go way back. The Zenguin family rules.

Know who else is fabulous? You! Uh oh, there's your train! If you run, you might just catch it. Hey, it was great chatting with you. Let's get together soon. Wait, you didn't tell me all the juicy bits about your new crush. What about the job? Weren't you moving soon? Drop a note, cookie! Love ya!


  1. What can I say? I was in a silly mood.

  2. You're right about scientology, how could anyone in their right mind get involved that would be mission impossible right? Tom must be cruising into a mid life crisis to believe that shit. To tell the mentally ill to throw away their medicines is just plain irresponsible.

  3. it seems that most people in USA and Canada are not very familiar with this extremely wealthy and powerful organization. for instance, most citizens are not aware that this cult is banned in European countries. they only know that it is some crazy thing that celebrities are involved with these days. it has been around since the 1950s and targets celebrities income and for their ability to use media to draw in new wealthy recruits. bad news.

  4. Heehee, silly chatty Katty. Thanks for all the kind words about my sites.

  5. Beck's a loser baby. He was born into the cult. Child of Campbell and Hansen, high-ranking cult members. Like Kat said, "Fuck Beck. He is not invited to the parties. Scratch him from the guestlist."

  6. Wow, I just found this site again after exactly a year. It's our anniversary. So, is anyone blogging anymore?
    I have a new radio show at www.wtnrradio.com every Saturday from 6am-6pm world time. I hope it's ok that I plugged that.
    Vagina Jones


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