27 August 2005

Saturday Morning Soundtrack

Sutemos is a Lithuanian-based netlabel specialising in mellow, melodic and minimal styles of electronic music. You might remember their popular Intelligent Toys compilations. This Saturday morning, I can recommend their Red, Green, Blue & Other Summer Feelings comp. It was perfect for the start of the day here. The sheer curtains blew into the kitchen and out onto the veranda, drawing out the smells of warm breakfast, orange juice and coffee, as well as the strains of this quiet summer soundtrack. This is not usual fare in these parts, especially considering those Dave Pell mambo records at 07:00. Still, it sparkled around the kitchen and out into the trees and made us all happy and open to the possibilities of our blossoming day. Try it with your breakfast.

Now Playing: Track 7 - Sleepy Town Manufacture - Long Time No See

Dedicated to something that can be named as a soft mixture of post/indie rock, instrumental, synth, ambient music with a sprinkle of electronic experiments. Additionally, almost all tracks will be featured by vocals. The works on this compilation started last autumn. From the very beginning we tried to concentrate on esthetics and beauty, not names. No numbers, no facts, no data - just pure and gorgeous beauty... filled with sincerity, tenderness and calmness

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