07 August 2005

No, Not THAT George Clinton

George S. ClintonYou're maybe thinking Parliment and Funkadelic? No, this George Clinton is a soundtrack man. The Big Bounce, the Austin Powers movies, Beverly Hills Ninja, Mortal Kombat and a whole heck of a lot of other popular American movies feature his work. His site features mp3s of his work. I love George S. Clinton, and I didn't even know it!


  1. Ethereal P.R.04 September, 2005

    His site doesn't even mention his first big film gig -- THE APPLE, a marvelously atrocious musical put out by Cannon Films. Clinton wrote all of the songs, and had a bit part as a reporter. It just came out on DVD last year, and is occasionally screened as a midnight movie by the Goldwyn Landmark Cinemas chain. SEE IT! RENT OR BUY IT! It is hugely, if unintentionally, entertaining. In Clinton's defense, a few of the songs hold up pretty well, although their lyrics...

    "...it's a natural, natural, natural desi-re
    meet an actual, actual, actual vam-pire!
    let the apple set your soul on fire - fire - FIRE!"

  2. Sounds like a hoot! Thanks for the news!


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