31 January 2013

This Month's FMA Gold

January 2013

Some of the albums that caught our attention this month at the Free Music Archive

A Magnifique Bande dos Homes sen Medo: s/t

[Brass, Jazz, Funk]

C. Scott: Stage Theory, Beats Volume 3

[Hip Hop Beats, Trip Hop]

Digi G'Alessio: Cirque de Poche

[Electro, Hip Hop Beats, Dubstep]

Holy Pain: Last Sigh

[Metal, Hard Rock]

Cherly KaCherly: Drop a 4 note Soundtrack

[Electro, Soundtrack, Ambient]

Gluid: The Metamorphosis EP

[Soundtrack, Modern Composition]

Klopka za pionira: Dodole

[Industrial, Experi]

M-PeX & Makrox: Volukta

[Electro, Folk]

Chad Crouch: Satie, Rearranged Furniture Music

[Modern Composition]

Lá Eles: Infinito

[MOR rock, Brazilian]

Happy Prescriptions: Lights

[Pop, Lo-Fi, Rock]

Broke For Free: Gold Can Stay

[Electro, Guitars]

Sturm And Drang by ilkobra

[Electro, Drums N Bass]

WHNZ:48:NTHSTH by A.M/Uton

[Noise, Drone]

WHNZ:49:AMU by NTHnth STHsth

[Noise, Drone]

Strobe On Torso (2013 Remaster) by The Womb

[Dance, Electro]

... Is Not My Boyfriend by Toussaint Morrison

[Soul, R&B, Hip Hop]

Sweet Bombs by Music Komite

[Electro, Trip Hop]

The Pomegranate Cycle by Textile Audio

[Opera, Art Music]

Infinite Love by Alan Driscoll

[Comedy, Spoken]

Live on Distort Jersey City by The Guts

[Rock, Garage, Hardcore]

Some content introduced by Oddio Overplay:

The Monitors: The Fired Dept.

[Power Pop, Rock]

Dorothy's Magic Bag: Viva La Revolution!


Tricky Diesel: Give Me a Beat

[Hip Hop Beats]

30 January 2013

Sylvia Stone

Debut EP from fresh talent, singer/songwriter Sylvia Stone.

"It is her soft distinctive vocals that really make songs come alive... it is her cool rather bohemian self that does that in an unassuming and sublime way."
-- Semper Azeez Harris, Flavour Magazine

"Sylvia Stone- expertly combining cabaret/burlesque imagery/style, big beats and post Winehouse vox, Ms Stone will turn a few heads... There's a bit of edge here and her voice, like her looks, is striking"
-- Tony Gleed, Bugbear

"Splendidly original, beautifully tuneful and also rather sexy Sylvia Stone's vocals are smokey and hypnotic"
-- Elly- Mixtapes London

Sylvia Stone is a female singer/ songwriter with a unique, arresting voice, striking self-styling and a gorgeous narrative to her writing. Her songsmithery ranges from tongue-in-cheek 40’s-esque blues and jazz, to epic cinematic belters all the way to bass heavy bangers, each linked together by Sylvia’s signature vocals, experimental song structures and melody arrangements. The girl is a genre-straddling, experimental artist with killer vocals and a clear vision to tickle the back of listener’s souls.

29 January 2013

Recent Song Fights

Here are some of the most recent Song Fight battles: I Blame You Entirely, French Toast, and A Map for Your Wall. More in the archives. Maybe you will accept the challenge for February?

"Song Fight is a free Web site where Internet musicians enter their work into competition. Every ten days or so, one or more titles are posted, the competitors write a brand new song inspired by one of these titles, and the Internet at large is invited to vote for their favorite song for each title.

"Our goal is to provide a venue for new music and creative expression on the Internet."-- Song Fight

28 January 2013

Free Compilations from Nail Distro

Nail has been one of the premier North American distributors of independent music for 15+ years, distributing music of all stripes. Founded in 1995, their goal was to effectively land independent music in Northwest stores. Nail succeeded in that  mission, surpassing expectations, and their initial family of labels has grown to nearly 200 exclusive labels—and continues to expand.

Nail delivers independent rock, folk, Americana, punk, avant jazz, electronic, experimental, hip-hop, metal, and "every hybrid sub-genre imaginable".

To promote those labels, Nail gives away free samplers through Amazon.com.

licenses: full copyrights reserved

27 January 2013

Seattle's Best Female Vocalist

Seattle-based singer/songwriter Shannon Stephens earned the Best Female Vocalist title in the Seattle Weekly 2012 Best Of issue.

Preview and download her free EP, Cold November, by clicking the cover in the widget or here.

Official Website | Facebook | Asthmatic Kitty | Bandcamp

photo by Ankur Verma

26 January 2013

Slavic Girls in Dissonant Harmony

Women and girls singing in traditional Eastern and Southeastern European dissonant harmonies are featured in this free compilation of Free Music Archive tunes.

licenses: see individual track info

painting:  A Northern Idyll, by Konstantin Korovin, 1886, oil on canvas, housed at The State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia

25 January 2013

A Victim of Good Times

Song Fighter "Father Bingo" is a member of the band A Victim of Good Times. This past summer the group released The Summer EP.

Song Fight recommends the release for "fans of 90s college radio and regrettable good times." This agrees with the website for A Victim of Good Times.

A Victim of Good Times was formed under the influence of college radio staples: Pixies, Weezer, Pavement, Nirvana, Modest Mouse, Pinback, The Misfits. With their dreamy, Morrissey-esque vocals over urgent instrumentation, the result is catchy, pensive, and may cause a blinding hangover that leads you to call out of work the next morning.

Fronted by Matt Gaines (November Radio) and featuring bassist Mike Lebovitz (Father Bingo), guitarist Clayton Thomas (Bad Press, Svingali), and drummer Dan Sagherian (Brody, Overlord), AVOGT released a five-song EP, “The Summer EP,” in the summer of 2012. They are currently working on their next release with producer Will Yip at Studio 4 in Conshohocken, PA.
Official Website | Facebook | ReverbNation

license: traditional copyrights

24 January 2013

The Sultana's Secret Cabaret

Kraliçesi Gizli Kabare: The Sultana's Secret Cabaret

Kraliçesi Gizli Kabare: an historic, 800+ year old, private club at the sultanate tropic isle holiday compound; open only to the Sultana, her guests, performers, and insiders; acts feature daring, skill, beauty, strength, wits, eroticism, comedy, and the unimaginable

Hear the sounds of the many colorful acts, imagine yourself escorted into the luxurious open-roofed theatre, dazzled by acts from the world over, tasting the local cuisine, quenched by iced beverages, and overwhelmed by the spectacle.

Smell the fine perfumes, limelight fumes, complimentary orange and ginger delight candies, spruce sprays and jasmine bouquets, hookahs, sandalwood, and the warm wood of the historic edifice.

 licenses: see individual tracks for info  
photo: Büyükada Panaromic View by Kıvanç Niş photo license: Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic

23 January 2013

Quantum Jazz

Quantum Jazz is in regular play in the mornings at Rancho Oddio. Love it!

Quantum Jazz (2006-2011) was based in Hillerød, Denmark, and made up of Jesper Lund (guitar), Bram Dimma Berthelsen (bass), Sakse Dalum (piano, alto saxophone, flute) and Rasmus Bjerring Larsen (drums).

The seven-track End of the Line release from Quantum Jazz is shared with Creative Commons licensing on the FMA and at Jamendo.

Check out the tune "Jingle Jazz" first! Yessss.

license: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

22 January 2013

Bridget Kelly

Despite her pretty face and beautiful voice, Bridget Kelly sings some straight up thug love songs about drinking, guns, and murder. There are some more traditional love songs in the mix, but the lady is a bad ass. She would have to be to hold her own on Jay-Z's Roc Nation label.

With Jay-Z as her boss, and label mates like J. Cole, Willow Smith and Jay Electronica, Bridget Kelly is in good company n the music industry, but it's no wonder that she feels a lot of pressure....

"There's a ton of pressure! My boss is married to the No. 1 chick in the game."

-- in November interview with The Boombox

Her debut album will launch this spring, until then, treat yourself to her free 8-song demo, Every Girl. [click "download", not "download all"]

license: traditional copyrights

21 January 2013

1980s Electro-Pop Reborn in Montréal

Two free releases of Montréal electro-pop featuring Mathias Mental
Mathias Mental
The Stateroom Scene

Official Site | Facebook | YouTube

license: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC 3.0)

(electro-disco electronic pop electro folk rock indie indie pop minimalist)

Worthwhile Dilemmas

Facebook | Bandcamp

license: traditional copyrights

(electronic electro indie rock tango)

20 January 2013

Stereo Killer

Time to send some love to StereoKiller.com. That site hosts years of hardcore punk, metal, emo, and hard rock albums and tracks for free download. There are even some releases classified in other genres, such as country, hip hop, and indie.

StereoKiller began in 1997 as a forum for Pennsylvania hardcore, and the community grew to the massive site it is today with something like a quarter million users.

StereoKiller is a great spot to:
  1. Stream, sell, and/ or give away your music free in a fully customizable profile
  2. Listen to music, find new artists
  3. Chat with people, find new friends
  4. Read album reviews and band news
  5. Find local concerts

Most downloaded album ever at StereoKiller:

A recent compilation:

A straight-forward metal album:

19 January 2013


PetrucciFever, aka Julian Puttins, released a 15-track album, Guitarified, featuring his fantastic metal guitar work with a BOSS BR-864 and an Ibanez JEM 7DBK. PetrucciFever also shares his tabs and back tracks.

The songs were originally available as performance videos on YouTube. You can still see them there today, as well as his newer works and collaborations.

Rock on!

18 January 2013

Jazz + Chip + Ferret =

Live jazz with chip music? Master chipster Goto80, the Uwe Schenkt Trifft, and visual artist Raquel Meyers collaborated in Stuttgart this past October and created something the world had never seen.

This is probably the first musical that combines C64 and text graphics, with acoustic instruments and improvisation. Goto80's music was re-arranged for 4 musicians, according to the story of the ferret.

A live album of the performance was released a couple weeks ago on the Upitup Records netlabel. A video recording is available through the Uwe Schenk Trifft and Youtube.

license:  Released under a Kopimi license.

17 January 2013

She Is Rochelle Jordan

British singer-songwriter Jessie Ware, known recently for her hit "Wildest Moments", loves the voice of rhythm and blues singer Rochelle Jordan so much she selected the Toronto native to tour with her this month. The ladies are still touring and will be continent hopping for some time yet.

Rochelle Jordan offers her 12-track album, Pressure, for free download. This is a great sampler of her beautiful voice. (Download all in zip at bottom left here.)

Rochelle's voice is all you need to hear.

16 January 2013

This Is Hardcore

A team in the Netherlands made a documentary about hardcore electronic music titled This Is Hardcore. The full-length documentary is available for viewing online. The accompanying soundtrack is also available for free download right now for a remix project. Scroll for details.
This is Hardcore is deep. It hits the soul. In our documentary we will take you on tour with the biggest artists and go to the studio with the finest producers. From the core we will form the future of our scene, together with you.

TiH Album Remix Project
All tracks of the original This is Hardcore album will be made available for you to remix. We will hand over kickdrums and other samples. This is the first time ever that so many professional hardcore artists are making their files public for
anyone to remix.

You have six weeks to make an awesome remix. We will select the best remixes and release them on the official TiH Remix Album. The winning tracks will also be released on Traxtorm or Neophyte Records.

We invite everyone who produces hard electronic music to participate. It doesn’t
matter whether you are a signed or unsigned artist. Everybody is free to show us his or her talent. Together we will work on new music, this is what it’s all about.

What kind of track should it be? Just make sure you can say to yourself: This is
Hardcore! Be original, be creative and push the boundaries! Pick a track and remix the hell out of it.

Read more

15 January 2013

Chrisette Michele

The beautiful voice of Def Jam artist and Grammy Award winner Chrisette Michele rolls like the sea. The girl is a lady, and she exudes class.

The Long Island native released a free concept album of songs purportedly inspired by the films of Audrey Hepburn.

Audrey Hepburn: An Audiovisual Presentation in the lead up to her Better LP, due out in 2013 on Def Jam. Michele invited 2Chainz, Rob Glasper, Kenneth Whalum, Nello Luchi, Dunson, Bilal, her brother Lem Payne, and Wale to join her on this smooth, gorgeous, lush album. The result is lovely.

Download and stream via DatPiff or DJBooth.

  • "Pray Me Well" Feat. Rob Glasper
  • "Charades" Feat. 2 Chainz
  • "Favela Chic" Feat. Kenneth Whalum
  • "Love In The Afternoon" Feat. Nello Luchi
  • "Rich Hipster" Feat. Wale
  • "Can The Cool Be Loved" Feat. Dunson and Bilal
  • "Your Fair Lady" Feat. Guitar Slayer
  • "My Heart" Feat. Lem Payne
  • "Kudurista" Feat. Fogo and Lem Payne

14 January 2013

DJBooth Free Hip Hop Albums

DJBooth is a great source for free albums and mixes of high quality blazing hot of the presses hip hop and some fabulous rhythm and blues. Seriously, if you are a hip hop and R&B fan, you have to get over there and check it. They will fill your device for months! Big love to DJBooth!
Since the birth of hip-hop, audiences everywhere have entrusted DJs with providing the soundtrack to their lives. Unfortunately, the legacy of the DJ has been lost in the digital world – that's why we've created DJBooth.net, your online DJ. We’re dedicated to bringing together a global community of music fans united around a common passion, the music we all love.

The DJBooth gives you one thing and one thing only: the best new music. Not gossip, not celebrity sightings, just music. That means streaming the dopest new tracks, giving your eyeballs some new videos to devour and highlighting every notable mixtape and album worth bringing into your eardrums. Even better, every week we compile the best of the best into our Top 20 charts. Need some advice on how to play all that music? Our residents DJ’s break down what audio equipment is worth your hard-earned cash. And then there’s our most important feature, you. Join the discussion and let the world know what you think about the music we’re playing.

A random R&B single we recommend:

A random hip hop beats album we recommend:

A random emcee album we recommend:

13 January 2013

Glimpse Trio

San Francisco Bay area group Glimpse Trio released their brand new self-titled ten-song EP on Boxing Day, 26 December 2012. These tracks will be part of their third album set to be released soon.

Glimpse Trio bills themselves as blues, jazz, rock, and experimental rock. Downbeat magazine took it a step further calling them the next generation of fusion explorers.

12 January 2013

Skrillex and OWSLA Free Treats

The insanely popular, Grammy Award winning, producer Skrillex and his OWSLA label helped popularize dubstep in a big way. In the spring of 2011 and again in 2012, the label released free label sampler comps of hours of their music.

If you are an electro house and dubstep fan, and if OWSLA follows that freebie schedule again this year, you will want to get the 2012 sampler now before it disappears.

There is one catch. You have to register with Beatport. Founded in 2004 and based in Berlin and Denver, Beatport is the largest music store for DJs in the world.
Free treats include one zip with all 19 tracks in MP3 format [320 kb/s, 3+ hours] 
01 - Look Who's Back (Original Mix) - KOAN Sound feat. Foreign Beggars
02 - Chess Fight (Original Mix) - The Juggernaut
03 - Ruffneck (Full Flex) (Munchi Anonymous Revolution Remix) - Skrillex
04 - Vandalism (12th Planet Remix) - Porter Robinson
05 - Secret Heart feat. Anna Yvette (Original Mix) - Sazon Booya, Anna Yvette
06 - Wake Up Call (Original Mix) - Nick Thayer
07 - Alone Time (Original Mix) - Plastician
08 - Kill The Silence (Original Mix) - Zardonic, Bare Noize
09 - A Shot Of Bruschotti (Original Mix) - J. Rabbit
10 - Bad Boy feat. Jamtech Foundation (Original Mix) - Flinch, Jamtech Foundation
11 - Cities (Original Mix) - Alvin Risk
12 - Brohammer (Original Mix) - Topher Jones
13 - The Drifter (Original Mix) - Child In Disguise
14 - No Fun Intended (Original Mix) - The M Machine
15 - Funky Flex (Original Mix) - Ghastly! feat. Arielle Williams
16 - Glowing Owl (Original Mix) - culineR
17 - All For This (Original Mix) - Stratus
18 - Devastate (Original Mix) - Style Of Eye
19 - Leaving Here (Original Mix) - Two Fresh

11 January 2013

The Impressionists

25 recordings of works by Impressionists
A free compilation of 25 recordings of works by Impressionist composers


Impressionism in music was a movement in European classical music, mainly in France, which appeared in the late nineteenth century and continued into the beginning of the twentieth century. Similarly to its precursor in the visual arts, musical impressionism focuses on a suggestion and an atmosphere rather than on a strong emotion or the depiction of a story as in program music. Musical impressionism occurred as a reaction to the excesses of the Romantic era....

Impressionist composers

Musical impressionism was based in France by the French composer Claude Debussy. He and Maurice Ravel were generally considered to be the two "great" impressionists.

Ernest Fanelli was claimed to have innovated the style, though his works were unperformed before 1912. Some important precursors of musical impressionism include works by Chopin, Liszt, Mussorgsky, Chabrier, and Grieg.

The French composer Maurice Duruflé is sometimes said to be "the Ravel of the organ" and is clearly inspired by both Ravel and Debussy in several of his compositions, most notably perhaps the Sicilliene of the Suite pour orgue, op. 5. A Duruflé biography edited by Ronald Ebrecht is even titled "The last Impressionist".

Impressionism has also influenced at least some of the music of Isaac Albéniz, John Alden Carpenter, Frederick Delius, Paul Dukas, Manuel de Falla, Charles Tomlinson Griffes, and Ottorino Respighi....

music licenses: see individual tracks  text source: Wikipedia  image: Nymphéas (Seerosen), c 1915, by Claude Monet (1840–1926)  

10 January 2013

Rocksteady Punk from Denver

The Repercussions are a Denver band who have been performing together since they were just kids in Washington, DC about fifteen-years ago. Today they are a tight operation punching out solid rocksteady ska punk. (And DC folks, this band is HR approved.)

They are touring the western US this month. The Repercussions are sharing their React Back EP. While it is a fun EP, you really have to see them to feel the power they deliver. Go on out, California and Vegas!

Official Website | Facebook | ReverbNation | Twitter | Myspace

photo source: ReverbNation profile

09 January 2013

Flute Loops, vol 2

Flute Loops 2 is the follow-up to the 2003 26-song Oddio compilation Flute Loops, a collection of flute tunes, this 25-track download features only works housed in the Free Music Archive. As before, many genres are represented, as the only requisite is the flute -- or some semblance of a flute.

08 January 2013

Bungalow.de Showcase

Bungalow Records label in Berlin shares some real gems from Stereo-Total, Dauerfisch, FPM, Kulturni Program, Hammond Inferno, Losfeld, Maxwell Implosion, Mina, Olympic Lifts, Poptarts, and Sirius Mo. When you enjoy their mp3 downloads, we hope you will purchase from the shop.

07 January 2013

Kingface Live At The 9:30 Club

In 2005, Kingface gave Mike Lupica permission to share a recording of a show on the WFMU blog. (read the post)

The full performance (in the form of  thirteen MP3s) of Kingface was recorded live off-the-board at Washington DC's original 9:30 Club in 1988.

Those recordings have been added to the Free Music Archive. Enjoy this slice of Washington, DC music history.

Cheers to all who made the '80s DC music scene the productive, exciting scene it was. The stuff of legends.