24 January 2013

The Sultana's Secret Cabaret

Kraliçesi Gizli Kabare: The Sultana's Secret Cabaret

Kraliçesi Gizli Kabare: an historic, 800+ year old, private club at the sultanate tropic isle holiday compound; open only to the Sultana, her guests, performers, and insiders; acts feature daring, skill, beauty, strength, wits, eroticism, comedy, and the unimaginable

Hear the sounds of the many colorful acts, imagine yourself escorted into the luxurious open-roofed theatre, dazzled by acts from the world over, tasting the local cuisine, quenched by iced beverages, and overwhelmed by the spectacle.

Smell the fine perfumes, limelight fumes, complimentary orange and ginger delight candies, spruce sprays and jasmine bouquets, hookahs, sandalwood, and the warm wood of the historic edifice.

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photo: Büyükada Panaromic View by Kıvanç Niş photo license: Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic