20 January 2013

Stereo Killer

Time to send some love to StereoKiller.com. That site hosts years of hardcore punk, metal, emo, and hard rock albums and tracks for free download. There are even some releases classified in other genres, such as country, hip hop, and indie.

StereoKiller began in 1997 as a forum for Pennsylvania hardcore, and the community grew to the massive site it is today with something like a quarter million users.

StereoKiller is a great spot to:
  1. Stream, sell, and/ or give away your music free in a fully customizable profile
  2. Listen to music, find new artists
  3. Chat with people, find new friends
  4. Read album reviews and band news
  5. Find local concerts

Most downloaded album ever at StereoKiller:

A recent compilation:

A straight-forward metal album: