22 January 2013

Bridget Kelly

Despite her pretty face and beautiful voice, Bridget Kelly sings some straight up thug love songs about drinking, guns, and murder. There are some more traditional love songs in the mix, but the lady is a bad ass. She would have to be to hold her own on Jay-Z's Roc Nation label.

With Jay-Z as her boss, and label mates like J. Cole, Willow Smith and Jay Electronica, Bridget Kelly is in good company n the music industry, but it's no wonder that she feels a lot of pressure....

"There's a ton of pressure! My boss is married to the No. 1 chick in the game."

-- in November interview with The Boombox

Her debut album will launch this spring, until then, treat yourself to her free 8-song demo, Every Girl. [click "download", not "download all"]

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