31 January 2013

This Month's FMA Gold

January 2013

Some of the albums that caught our attention this month at the Free Music Archive

A Magnifique Bande dos Homes sen Medo: s/t

[Brass, Jazz, Funk]

C. Scott: Stage Theory, Beats Volume 3

[Hip Hop Beats, Trip Hop]

Digi G'Alessio: Cirque de Poche

[Electro, Hip Hop Beats, Dubstep]

Holy Pain: Last Sigh

[Metal, Hard Rock]

Cherly KaCherly: Drop a 4 note Soundtrack

[Electro, Soundtrack, Ambient]

Gluid: The Metamorphosis EP

[Soundtrack, Modern Composition]

Klopka za pionira: Dodole

[Industrial, Experi]

M-PeX & Makrox: Volukta

[Electro, Folk]

Chad Crouch: Satie, Rearranged Furniture Music

[Modern Composition]

Lá Eles: Infinito

[MOR rock, Brazilian]

Happy Prescriptions: Lights

[Pop, Lo-Fi, Rock]

Broke For Free: Gold Can Stay

[Electro, Guitars]

Sturm And Drang by ilkobra

[Electro, Drums N Bass]

WHNZ:48:NTHSTH by A.M/Uton

[Noise, Drone]

WHNZ:49:AMU by NTHnth STHsth

[Noise, Drone]

Strobe On Torso (2013 Remaster) by The Womb

[Dance, Electro]

... Is Not My Boyfriend by Toussaint Morrison

[Soul, R&B, Hip Hop]

Sweet Bombs by Music Komite

[Electro, Trip Hop]

The Pomegranate Cycle by Textile Audio

[Opera, Art Music]

Infinite Love by Alan Driscoll

[Comedy, Spoken]

Live on Distort Jersey City by The Guts

[Rock, Garage, Hardcore]

Some content introduced by Oddio Overplay:

The Monitors: The Fired Dept.

[Power Pop, Rock]

Dorothy's Magic Bag: Viva La Revolution!


Tricky Diesel: Give Me a Beat

[Hip Hop Beats]