29 September 2012

Remix The Public Domain

The Past Re-Imagined as the Future: 
Video Remix Contest

What's the potential of open digital libraries? Artists everywhere are invited to mix video from the incredible Prelinger Archives with audio from the Free Music Archive to create new masterpieces for the commons.

More info here!

The Past Re-Imagined as the Future: Video Remix Contest with Prelinger Archives from Free Music Archive on Vimeo.

18 September 2012

Obscure Records (1975-78)

"Obscure Records was a U.K. record label which existed from 1975 to 1978. It was created and run by Brian Eno, who also produced the albums. Ten albums were issued in the series. Most have detailed liner notes on their back covers, analyzing the compositions and providing a biography of the composer, in a format typical of classical music albums, and much of the material can be regarded as 20th century classical music. The label provided a venue for experimental music, and its association with Eno gave increased public exposure to its composers and musicians." more

Avant-garde archive Ubuweb shares selections from the entire Obscure catalog of classics.

Obscure No. 1: The Sinking of the Titanic – Gavin Bryars (1975)
Obscure No. 2: Ensemble Pieces – Christopher Hobbs, John Adams, Gavin Bryars (1975)
Obscure No. 3: Discreet Music – Brian Eno (1975)
Obscure No. 4: New and Rediscovered Musical Instruments – Max Eastley, David Toop (1975)
Obscure No. 5: Voices and Instruments – Jan Steele, John Cage (1976)
Obscure No. 6: Decay Music – Michael Nyman (1976)
Obscure No. 7: Music from the Penguin Café – Members of the Penguin Café Orchestra (1976)
Obscure No. 8: Machine Music – John White, Gavin Bryars (1978)
Obscure No. 9: Irma – an opera by Tom Phillips, music by Gavin Bryars, libretto by Fred Orton (1978)
Obscure No. 10: The Pavilion of Dreams – Harold Budd (1978)

17 September 2012

Feeling Super Better Workout Mix

The Free Music Archive is a huge resource for making workout mixes. There is so much to choose from on the FMA that your workout mixes can be tailored to the speed, intensity, and length of your sets.

This Feeling Super Better "mix" is actually a kit for developing the perfect mix for your perfect body.  Feeling Super Better provides several selections for your breathing, warm-ups, reps, rests, and cool-downs.  Select tracks based on the speed and intensity of your current workout sets.

The title Feeling Super Better is inspired by SuperBetter, a free online service/ game that helps you achieve your self improvement and health goals — or recover from an illness or injury — by increasing your personal resilience.

Best wishes for your success in personal growth and health!

Divisions into steady repetitions, high intensity reps, warmups, breathing, rests, and cool-downs after the jump...

07 September 2012

Rock Me, Baby

Laid down a lot of pop and electronic selections this week. Seems only right to kick off the weekend with some rock!

Here are 50 legally shared rock tracks across the board of genres that you can get onto your machine with one click - garage, hard rock, metal heavy sludge, postpunk and new wave, power pop, progressive and math rock, psych, pure rock, rockabilly, and surf.

Most of these tracks are from full albums on the Free Music Archives, and clicking the i after a song title  will take you to more from each artist.

Thank the FMA by rocking out with your fist in the air this weekend! Rock on, baby!

license: varied, see individual tracks and albums
image: original guitar photo by Clarita

Genres and Full Playlist:

06 September 2012

05 September 2012

Evils That Never Came

Since 2004, this song by Evils That Never Came (Facebook) has been in the mix at Oddio Headquarters.

These days, you can score the full free album, June, from both Bandcamp and Soundcloud. Oddio also added the most recent album, Northerly Windings, to the Free Music Archive.

01 September 2012

Play MP3 Links on Webpages

Katya here to share a little trick I have used for years to make enjoying online audio easier. It is the bookmarklet of Mark Wheeler's 1 Bit Audio Player, and it turns mp3 links into small mp3 players.

A bookmarklet is a tiny line of code in your bookmarks (a.k.a., favorites) that you can click to make things happen on a webpage. For instance, you might want to change the colors on a webpage to make it easier to read or you might like to prevent it from playing some annoying ad. Jesse Ruderman made most of the bookmarklets I use, Jesse's Bookmarklets, and I highly recommend them.

Clicking Mark's 1 Bit Audio Player bookmarklet loads a tiny player with a play/ pause option right after every mp3 link in a page.