28 September 2012

Weekend Sweet Sixteen

Advent Chamber Orchestra - 05-06

classical, baroque, chamber

US Army Brass Quintet - Encore!

brass, classical, baroque, chamber

Anitek - Calm and Collect Volume 3
(among many others)
hip hop, downtempo

Bubamara Brass Band - Bubamarija Kashtanizma

Balkan brass

Umoja - Palago

afro-pop, funk, highlife, African

Blake Fleming - Time's Up

drum, percussion

MadMustangMix - mashups

varied, remix, sampling

VA - Late '70s to Mid '80s Heroes

'80s, varied

Advent Chamber Orchestra - Dec

classical, baroque, chamber

Advent Chamber Orchestra - Nov

classical, baroque, chamber

Ain Dreux Troyes Chartres
(106 tracks of French music)
varied, French

Cantonese Opera
(help with the title?)
opera, stage music, Chinese

Andrew Bisset - three compositions

modern composition, modern classical

Netherland Dwarf - May the Piper

(like the bunny!)
toy music

Songs from a Random House - The 1986 Demo

new wave

Soundeyet - On A Steady Diet of Hash, Bread, and Salt

Greek rembetico