07 September 2012

Rock Me, Baby

Laid down a lot of pop and electronic selections this week. Seems only right to kick off the weekend with some rock!

Here are 50 legally shared rock tracks across the board of genres that you can get onto your machine with one click - garage, hard rock, metal heavy sludge, postpunk and new wave, power pop, progressive and math rock, psych, pure rock, rockabilly, and surf.

Most of these tracks are from full albums on the Free Music Archives, and clicking the i after a song title  will take you to more from each artist.

Thank the FMA by rocking out with your fist in the air this weekend! Rock on, baby!

license: varied, see individual tracks and albums
image: original guitar photo by Clarita

Genres and Full Playlist:

Black Lips - I'll Be With You
Kazoo Funk Orchestra - Rustle The Trees
Lame Drivers - Lemme Get Those Numbers Down
My Goodness - C'mon Doll (Live @ KEXP)
X-Breed - Miss Two Knives

Black Math - Suck City
Shearer - Pirates
Shroud Eater - Vesuvius
Sound Of Ground - Breathe
Sound Of Ground - Shelter Between Sky and Ground

Goat River - Mount Rushmore's Mushroom
Kowloon Walled City - Clockwork (Live at WFMU)
Sendelica - Manhole Of The Universe (Live
Shroud Eater - Cyclone
Sta Apolnia - Go Fight Win

Bay of Pigs - Everything Changes
Club Foot Orchestra - Theme from Club Foot
Naked City - Atomic Age
Thick Business - Smoothest Runes
Transmitters - Count your blessings 1

Bildmeister - Transistor
Everybody Nose - Dont Wanna Go to Bed
Everybody Nose - The Girl for Me
Las Ruinas - Fashion City
Riverdale - Recuérdame Buscar Amor en el D

Comma - Between The Sunset And The Sea
Invacuo - Shaker
Jason Ajemian & the HighLife - Soak up the Sun
Lame Drivers - Working Song
Transmitters - Cellos

Disen Gage - Witchtanz
The Grand Astoria - Radio Friendly Fire (radio edit)
Mystic Morrison Visions - Octopus
Oakley Hall - Landlord
Reigning Sound - Your Love Is A Fine Thing
Reigning Sound - The Bells
Velcro Lewis Group - Fall To Pieces
Vespero - Rito
Vespero - Float
The Grand Astoria - Visit Sri Lanka

Fast lady - Hooray For Rock
PICRARD - Ghosts 'n Goblins 09(short)
Romeo Knight - Bionic Commando (Tune 5)
The Paparazzi - The Rococo Tape
U Jsme Doma - Poslepu Blinded

Dr. Frankenstein - Necrófago
Dr. Frankenstein - Theme for "The Mad Thinker"
NecroPolo - Bionic Commando stage 4
The Crevulators - Gambler's Blues
Thick Business - French Beach