17 September 2012

Feeling Super Better Workout Mix

The Free Music Archive is a huge resource for making workout mixes. There is so much to choose from on the FMA that your workout mixes can be tailored to the speed, intensity, and length of your sets.

This Feeling Super Better "mix" is actually a kit for developing the perfect mix for your perfect body.  Feeling Super Better provides several selections for your breathing, warm-ups, reps, rests, and cool-downs.  Select tracks based on the speed and intensity of your current workout sets.

The title Feeling Super Better is inspired by SuperBetter, a free online service/ game that helps you achieve your self improvement and health goals — or recover from an illness or injury — by increasing your personal resilience.

Best wishes for your success in personal growth and health!

Divisions into steady repetitions, high intensity reps, warmups, breathing, rests, and cool-downs after the jump...

     STEADY REPETITIONS ////////////////////////////////////////////////
Laguna - La Princesa Perdida
Mr. Moods - I Got the Blues
Northbound - Forward
Player 2 - Keep Sit Real
Spinnaface -  Relentless Positivity
YACHT - The Afterlife
Centz - Keg Basketball
Citizen Crane - Nick the Stick
Damscray - Dancing Tiger
krackatoa - Mongo Bongo

 HIGH INTENSITY REPS ////////////////////////////////////////////////
Anitek - Blueprint
Burning Bright - The Cherry Tree
Damscray - Twist and Science
Henry Homesweet - Simple Pleasures
juniorr85 - Raymond Scott
Mohov - Perfect Tomorrow
Neon Indian - Terminally Chill
Prepare to Meet Thy Broom - High Like It's 1989 (Taste of Honey)
Proviant Audio - Jazzexy
Revolution Void - City Lights at Night
Roglok - Bouncy Castle
UltraCat - One Nice Thing Once a Day
YACHT - Summer Song

 WARMUP ////////////////////////////////////////////////
Binarpilot - Goof   
Superbus - Finest Morning
Tortue Super Sonic - The Price 12

 BREATHING ////////////////////////////////////////////////
Menion - My Neural Forest
Anitek - Dirt Rich
Lee Rosevere - Above the City, Under the Stars
Lucky Dragons - dublab Open Wide Proton Drive theme

 RESTS  ////////////////////////////////////////////////
Antony Raijekov - Ambient-M 2003
The Insider - The Insider Theme

 COOL-DOWN  ////////////////////////////////////////////////
Digi G'Alessio - Don Ouililla
krackatoa - Brazilian Wax On Wax Off
Someone Else (UK) - Triangle Beams at Funny Angles
Victrola - Uno Para el Sol
Wan - BoomClickClap

cover image based on "I Love Music" image by mystica