01 September 2012

Play MP3 Links on Webpages

Katya here to share a little trick I have used for years to make enjoying online audio easier. It is the bookmarklet of Mark Wheeler's 1 Bit Audio Player, and it turns mp3 links into small mp3 players.

A bookmarklet is a tiny line of code in your bookmarks (a.k.a., favorites) that you can click to make things happen on a webpage. For instance, you might want to change the colors on a webpage to make it easier to read or you might like to prevent it from playing some annoying ad. Jesse Ruderman made most of the bookmarklets I use, Jesse's Bookmarklets, and I highly recommend them.

Clicking Mark's 1 Bit Audio Player bookmarklet loads a tiny player with a play/ pause option right after every mp3 link in a page.

1. SAVE or DRAG with your mouse this link to your bookmarks/ favorites.

   1Bit Audio   

2. Go to any page with links to mp3s on it, such as this one.

3. While still on the page, click your 1 Bit Audio bookmark/ favorite.
Little players will appear after the links.

4. Click a player to stream a song.