30 January 2007

Clinical Archives

Clinical Archives keeps drawing me back. It is an independent netlabel that began about this time last year featuring:

eclectic and ilogical electronic music. The basic directions : abstract, free improvisation, dark ambient, noise, avantgarde, experimental, industrial, electronica, field recordings, glitch, microsound, montage, psychedelic, trance, soundscape, sound art, spoken word, strange and other forms ... All those works are released for free under Creative Commons Licences .

The catalog to date is dominated by Djet, who keeps me interested all over the web. Djet (aka Alexander Lisovsky) is architect by training, but works now in design, scenography and music. He lives in Moscow and writes electronic experimental music using "organic noises and sounds, instead of a pencil or a brush...."

A Clinical Archives release that has captured my attention recently is
Himmelkommando's Arctic Linqua, which came out last month. Dark ambient stuff and highly enjoyable as such. What else could you expect from a release a track named "Hoarfrost Embryo [mp3]" ?

28 January 2007

About the Feed

Those who read this blog via a feed aggregator are seeing some pretty weird stuff. Blogger and Google have merged, and in the shuffle, Blogspot accounts are being "upgraded." We Blogio team members apologize for all the old posts appearing in your feed. It is not our doing, and we hope it stops soon.

Some January Listening

Sojus Records
Beatstar - Absurd [breakbeat, 2002]
Peacespeakers - Message from Planet Earth [downtempo, 2006]
Superbus - Debut [downtempo, chill, house, 2001]

Piano Society
Friedrich Burgmuller - Etudes [performed by John Mar]
VA - Piano Roll Reproductions [mechanical]
VA - Piano Works of Sergei Rachmaninov

Ouim Netlabel
Band Of Mad Women - Rodopted [ethno, triphop, 2006]
DJ Kirill - Havana House [Afro-Cuban house, 2006]

Shearer - Makin' a Munson [rock, Germany]

Thierno Barry and friends from Zwolle [folk, Africa]

Quiche - We Love Aaliyah [disco]


17 January 2007

Quiet City Penthouse Party for January 2007

Quiet City Penthouse Party
It's the year of the Secret Agent!

Please be a virtual guest by launching the Quiet City webcams and the Internet radio stream from LuxuriaMusic.com to see, hear and chat at the party tonight, 9-12 pm EST/ 8-11 pm PST.


Music by DJs

Jack Fetterman (9:00-9:45)
Anita (the Meat Mistress) Serwacki (9:45-10:30)
Gaylord Fields (10:30-11:15)
Peter Principle (11:15-12:00)

Go-Go by

Creamy Stevens of Starshine Burlesque on the Go-Go stage!

Special Performance by

Principal Fetterman performing "Motomotion"!

Fashion by

World of Style Vintage Model Squad

From the hours of 9-12 pm EST/ 8-11 pm PST [new time!], this party will be broadcast in audio and video over the Internet as The Quiet City Penthouse Party on LuxuriaMusic.com.

Join in the secret agent fun!

Tune in now!
audio and video and chat


09 January 2007

More 2007 Serial Projects

:: 50 Ways to Do a Cover by Splusp

"I hope it eventually will be more than 50, but let's start with this particular goal and who knows... Not only will I try to create and post at least one cover every week. I'm inviting all of you to make a cover of your own. Let's kick some ass!! Pick a wellknown song and give it your own personal touch. Only, please don't pick a recent hit parade song. The song has to be written at least 10 years ago. Folksongs and traditionals are particulary welcome."

UPDATE: 50 Ways to Do a Cover is archived here.

:: 52 Short Weeks by Peppermill Records

"Last winter we did 30 artists in 30 days... now we're going to do 52 artists in 52 weeks, divided up into four parts. Those of course being Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.

"The first artist will start on the 21st of December, the first day of Winter which also happens to be the Solstice. They'll rip a headline out of that week's news as the title to their 2-3 minute song and then have 7 days to complete it before they pass their creation on to the next artist, who will continue where they left off."


01 January 2007

The 365 Days Project v2

The 365 Days Project

One MP3 a day for one year. Otis Fodder produced the project in 2003 with the help of several curators. It was a noteable web phenomenon that earned accolades, united freaks for strange recordings worldwide and created countless more such people. It also sparked similar projects that united still more fans of outsider, rare and just plain weird recordings. Why, the project is even how Fodder met his lovely wife. The 365 Days Project is archived at UbuWeb and at WFMU.

The 365 Days Project v.2

Freeform radio station WFMU in the greater New York City metro area invited Fodder to revive the project for 2007. Daily entries are logged in their blog, and can be filtered out into their own pages. I am the curator of day seven.

Curators for The 365 Days Project v.1

Any leads on where to find the rest of these 2003 curators online?