28 January 2007

Some January Listening

Sojus Records
Beatstar - Absurd [breakbeat, 2002]
Peacespeakers - Message from Planet Earth [downtempo, 2006]
Superbus - Debut [downtempo, chill, house, 2001]

Piano Society
Friedrich Burgmuller - Etudes [performed by John Mar]
VA - Piano Roll Reproductions [mechanical]
VA - Piano Works of Sergei Rachmaninov

Ouim Netlabel
Band Of Mad Women - Rodopted [ethno, triphop, 2006]
DJ Kirill - Havana House [Afro-Cuban house, 2006]

Shearer - Makin' a Munson [rock, Germany]

Thierno Barry and friends from Zwolle [folk, Africa]

Quiche - We Love Aaliyah [disco]



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