09 January 2007

More 2007 Serial Projects

:: 50 Ways to Do a Cover by Splusp

"I hope it eventually will be more than 50, but let's start with this particular goal and who knows... Not only will I try to create and post at least one cover every week. I'm inviting all of you to make a cover of your own. Let's kick some ass!! Pick a wellknown song and give it your own personal touch. Only, please don't pick a recent hit parade song. The song has to be written at least 10 years ago. Folksongs and traditionals are particulary welcome."

UPDATE: 50 Ways to Do a Cover is archived here.

:: 52 Short Weeks by Peppermill Records

"Last winter we did 30 artists in 30 days... now we're going to do 52 artists in 52 weeks, divided up into four parts. Those of course being Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.

"The first artist will start on the 21st of December, the first day of Winter which also happens to be the Solstice. They'll rip a headline out of that week's news as the title to their 2-3 minute song and then have 7 days to complete it before they pass their creation on to the next artist, who will continue where they left off."


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